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Conference Report and other comments

Jul 30, 2012

We had a successful conference over the past week end about 30 miles north of the Twin Cities. It was designed more as a local or regional conference, since we meet every summer in a barn on a farm (no hay, straw, or animals) and space is limited. Last summer about 200 people suffered through a very hot conference (no air conditioning), but this year we had about 150-175, and the weather was near perfect.

We are not in a drought area at all. In fact, the grass has remained green throughout July, which is unusual. We have had regular rain throughout the summer so far. The problem is that the jet stream remains here in the North, being pushed up by La Nina.

The next conference where I will be speaking will be in St. Louis on Oct. 5-7 at the Millennium Hotel near the Arch. This will be a Feast of Tabernacles Conference. You may find information on this conference by going to James Bruggeman's ministry website at Stone Kingdom Ministries:


With all the important prophetic news happening, I marvel at how the mainstream news continues to collapse into trivia. On the AOL news, for example, the headline news today is:

Secret to soothing razor rash
I thought I'd be heavy forever
Lisa wore a VERY tight dress
Your biggest decision after divorce
Peacock is about to terrify children

I recall hearing Walter Cronkite and Peter Jennings complaining about how the news was being trivialized in the 1980's and 1990's. As professional journalists, they did not like it, but they worked for news corporations that forced them to report on this stuff with a straight face as if it were news. It has only gotten worse over time. It seems that the news services are competing for the bottom of the barrel, where many like to feed.

But anyway, those at our conference this past week end got a full account of what God has been doing in the earth this past month and how it ties in with the progression from past years. We also had good Bible study and inspired music from our long-time friend, Paul Kyle. Paul wrote the song, "The Flame" in the year 2000, which went viral in Australia during the Olympics. The Minneapolis Tribune actually wrote a front-page article about his song back then and recently mentioned Paul again in an article about this year's Olympics.

Yes, sometimes even good guys become celebrities. Paul told the story of "The Flame" here:


Or you can go to his web site at:


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