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Vatican Bank's ex-head compiled list in case he is killed

Jun 11, 2012


Ettore Gotti Tedeschi, the former head of the Holy See’s bank compiled a secret dossier of compromising information about the Vatican because he feared for his life, it was claimed.

In the latest twist in a scandal which has convulsed the papacy of Benedict XVI, Mr Tedeschi reportedly gave copies of the documents to his closest confidantes and told them: “If I am killed, the reason for my death is in here. I’ve seen things in the Vatican that would frighten anyone.”...

The secret dossier allegedly compiled by Mr Gotti Tedeschi was discovered by Carabinieri police after they raided his home and office in Milan and Piacenza, both in northern Italy, on Tuesday.

He was questioned by prosecutors for up to nine hours on Tuesday and Wednesday, during which he reportedly told them: “I’m afraid for my life”.

This dossier is essentially like a confession in which he is implicating a lot of other very powerful people. Now that the police have this report in their possession, they have a wealth of information to pursue in their investigation. That alone must scare a lot of people in the Vatican and elsewhere.

Tedeschi says further that he does not want to end up hanging under the Blackfrier Bridge in London, as a predecessor of his did back in 1982.

The sensational claims evoked memories of one of the Vatican’s darkest chapters – the mysterious death in 1982 of Roberto Calvi, nicknamed “God’s Banker”, who was president of Italy’s largest private bank, the Banco Ambrosiano.

After the bank, which had close links with the Vatican, went bankrupt, Calvi was found hanged from scaffolding beneath Blackfriars Bridge in London, amid suspicions that he had been murdered by mafia godfathers as punishment for losing money they had invested in the bank.

The story of Roberto Calvi and the murder of Pope John Paul I in 1978 is detailed in the book In God's Name, by David Yallop.

Because the Vatican Bank joined the Babylonian System and engaged in secrecy, it is now caught up in the same problems that the whole banking system faces today. My advice to them any all others who are part of the "feet" of the Babylonian Image: Get off the feet before the Stone grinds you to powder.

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