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The number 1224 and repairing breaches

Jun 07, 2012

Yesterday I wrote about the coming watch date of September 12, 2012, since it is Elul 25 on the Hebrew calendar. Elus 25 actually starts on the previous evening of Sept. 11, so we must also consider that as a transitional date.

We are all aware of September 11, especially here in America. It will be 11 years since the Twin Towers were demolished in 2001. We understand that event to mark the release of the second "bear" in my 1985 vision. It also marked the time when God's hand of protection was removed from us, and we began a countdown toward a climactic war in the Middle East that would involve America as well, due to its support of the Israeli state.

At the same time, 911 is the numeric value of the Greek word charis, "grace." This shows us the hidden hand of grace even in the midst of divine judgment.

But consider also that Elul is the 12th month on the Hebrew "Civil" Calendar. Recall that Tishri (now the 7th month) used to be the 1st month on the calendar. Then just before the Exodus, God told Moses to change the calendar so that Abib would be called the 1st month. Ex. 12:2 says,

"This month shall be the beginning of months for you; it is to be the first month of the year to you."

In other words, the month of Israel's Exodus (and Passover) was to be numbered as the first month. But from the beginning it was not so.

Under the old calendar, Elul was actually the 12th month, coming just before Tishri. The new calendar, however, did not completely replace the old calendar. Hence, many refer to the two as the Religious Calendar and the Civil Calendar. The Civil Calendar continued of necessity, because it determined their Sabbath years and Jubilees after the final harvest of fruit and grapes from the previous growing season. For this reason, I prefer to call it the Sabbath Calendar and distinguish it from the Feast Day Calendar that began with Passover.

At any rate, understanding this older Sabbath Calendar shows us that Elul 24 can be written as 12-24 or just 1224. This is also the final day leading to the repair of the breach when Nehemiah completed the Wall project in Neh. 6:15.

Does this date carry any present significance? I think it does.

The First Revelation of 1224

I was first given this number in prayer in June of 1984, though I had absolutely no idea what it meant. In fact, it was even connected to 1225 at the time. The circumstances are no longer important, but it did play a role in the idea of repairing the breach even in 1984.

First, let me quote from Adam Rutherford's 1957 masterpiece, Bible Chronology, p. 495.

"As Jesus was born on 29th September, 2 B.C. and died on 3rd April A.D. 33 (Julian) the duration of his lifetime on Earth was therefore 12,240 days, which number is 8 x 153 x 10."

The number 12,240 is, of course 1224 x 10, and this connects prophetically to Elul 24, or 12-24 on the old calendar.

76 Sabbath Years leading to Christ's Birth

Rutherford's book was of great help to me in 1991 when I was studying chronology in order to write my book, Secrets of Time, which came out first in 1992. He proved to me that the birth of Jesus occurred in 2 B.C., rather than 4-5 B.C. as so many have assumed. Moreover, he also proved that Jesus was born 76 x 7 years after the captives of Judah and Benjamin were released from their Babylonian captivity in 534 B.C.

This is further proven by the fact that Judah's Sabbath years were calculated from 534 B.C. We read in 2 Maccabees 6:49 and 53 (quoted also by Josephus) that their Sabbath year fell on the 150th year of the Seleucid (Greek) calendar, which was 163-162 B.C. This was their 53rd Sabbath year since returning from Babylon in 534 B.C.

We read later that Herod took Jerusalem from Antigonus in a Sabbath year in 37-36 B.C. (Antiquities of the Jews, XIV, xvi, 4). Josephus tells us in paragraph 2,

". . . and this they did while a mighty army lay around about them, and while they were distressed by famine and the ant of necessities, for this happened to be a Sabbatic Year."

This was their 71st Sabbath year since returning from Babylon. Jesus was born 5 Sabbath cycles later on the eve of the Feast of Trumpets, Tishri 1, the beginning of the next Sabbath cycle.

From 534 to 2 B.C. is 532 years, or 76 x 7 years. The number 76 is the number of cleansing and is the factor that one must add to Cursed Time (414) in order to come into Blessed Time (490). In other words, 414 + 76 = 490.

Jesus was born after Judah had undergone 7 cycles of cleansing. And then He was born in the night of September 28/29 of 2 B.C., which was the Hebrew New Year's Eve, Tishri 1.

Knowing when Jesus was born is crucial to help us calculate the number of days that He actually lived on earth up to His crucifixion. Equally important, of course, is knowing the date of His crucifixion, and this occurred 490 years after the Edict of Artaxerxes that was issued in the month of Abib of 458 B.C.

If you have questions about these dates, see Secrets of Time or the shorter summary in Daniel's Seventy Weeks: How it Shapes Modern Eschatology.

The 1991 Revelation of 1224

I told this story in chapter 9 of my book, The Wars of the Lord. On May 28, 1991 the Father told me to "establish the new Net of Prayer" according to the earlier revelation given to me in 1986, which I had not done. This "new Net of Prayer" was actually ACTIVATED two years later on the 40th Jubilee of the Pentecostal Age, May 30, 1993.

The concept of the Net of Prayer was based upon the two occasions where Jesus told the disciples to cast out their nets. The first occasion is recorded in Luke 5:1-11, when their nets broke because of the abundance of fish. The second occasion was after Christ's resurrection, recorded in John 21:11, when the nets did NOT break. This time they brought up 153 fish.

I took note that the numeric value for "the fish" was 8 x 153, or 1224. The numeric value of "the net" is also 8 x 153, or 1224. The original Net of Prayer was established during the Pentecostal Age. According to my revelation of the biblical pattern, it "broke," as did the first net in Luke 5:6. For this reason, someone gave me the word of the Lord in 1986 to "call the new Net of Prayer to prayer," which was then fulfilled five years later in 1991.

It happened that the 1224th day from May 28, 1991 fell on October 2, 1994. This was also 490 days after May 30, 1993. On Oct. 2, 1994 the very important revelation was given in regard to the Hezekiah Factor. It also coincided with a conference in Winnipeg, where we were led to pray to repair the breach between Britain and America, which had occurred in 1776. The key Scripture was Ezekiel 37, in regard to uniting the two sticks of Judah and Joseph.

Therefore, the number 1224 has held great significance to me for many years. Its connection to Elul 24, or Sept. 11/12, 2012, makes this a very important watch date.

So be watchful for breaches to repair in your own situation. It seems to me that God has given us a call to repair breaches this summer in preparation for something very big that is next on His agenda.

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