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Arabian Money article predicts silver above $50 in September

Jun 12, 2012

I have written in the past that I believe that when the price of silver hits $50/oz that this will be a major sign of the downfall of Mystery Babylon. This is based partly on the fact that when old Babylon fell to Media-Persia, the conquerers were depicted as the arms of SILVER. When silver comes into prominence, then the head of gold(man) will fall.

Here is an article dated June 10 from Arabian Money:


Eurozone finance ministers panicked this weekend and agreed to a preemptive announcement of a $125 billion bailout for the Spanish banks, bringing the grand total for bank bailouts to $600 billion when Ireland, Portugal and Greece are added.

Money printing on this scale has only ever been good for precious metal prices by historical precedent....

It sets gold up to power above the $1,923 all-time high of last September and hit $2,000 an ounce this fall, while silver will as usual outperform to the upside and cross the 1980 all-time high of $50 and go to $60.

And here is a great little statement from a June 4 article of the same newsletter:

"Debt is the creation of too much money."


We could make that statement a little more accurate by shortening it to: Debt is the creation of money.

That is precisely the achilles heel of Babylon. They created this system of debt in order to enslave the world, but once all nations are in debt, how does one stop it from collapsing from too much debt?

It worked fine as long as the economy continued to expand, because the increasing debt could be supported by an expanding population that was working and paying taxes. But then in 1973 America made abortion legal, and this has now subtracted 55 million people from the American economy. It has been calculated that the US government has now lost $27 Trillion of taxes that would have been paid by just the workers out of those 60 million people.


The system finally began to collapse in the summer of 2007, shortly after the end of our Jubilee Prayer Campaign (October 2006).

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Dr. Stephen Jones

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