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Alert from International Banker

Jun 11, 2012


He says that the price of gold will soon skyrocket to $5000 with silver at $1000/oz. Of course, this will not happen until the price manipulation ends, but he thinks it will end by the end of this year. Even so, he is expecting the price of gold and silver to actually go down at least one more time before it hits the roof. He writes, "Watch for another shock to SLV and GLD market. This will cause shaky uncommitted hands to dump more SLV and GLD physical. ETF markets will take massive hit."

Secondly, he says, "The bank holiday is going to spill over to Spain, Portugal and France." Germany and Russia will be big losers in this and will be angry that they cannot withdraw or use the money they have invested. Investors will divert their money first to the UK pounds, and later to US dollars. If that happens, expect the value of the pound and dollar to go up temporarily, just before they all drop dramatically.

Thirdly, China is quietly dumping US Treasury bonds and buying gold.

Fourthly, he says that the next "Lehman Brothers" collapse will be Morgan Stanley over their handling of Facebook's public stock offering that went badly. If he is right, it would not be a good idea to have any money in Morgan Stanley or their stock.

His final advice: "Close all equity accounts and exit markets now." You can do what you want with that advice. If this affects you, read the article. It is only a page long.

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