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Update from Dave Dixon after an encounter with a coral reef in Fiji

May 22, 2012

Hello Friends,

I am sending this email from the office of the Navy of Fiji. We were rescued yesterday after having crashed into a coral reef that was not found on our Navionics charts.
After having spent over 30 consecutive hours in a sever storm where we experienced 32k winds and continuous rain we decided to go to a safe port in Fiji. The disaster struck at about 10:00 pm. We could see nothing so we remained in the surf through the night. In the morning we discovered we were on a coral reef 6 miles away from an island. We set of the eperb which is monitored by the Coast Guard. We patiently waited until 11:10 the next morning we saw a civil defence plane fly by and contact us on radio. They dispatched the navy search and rescue from Suva Fiji. They arrived approx 2 hours later. Twenty Four of the friendliest and gracious people in the world welcomed us aboard their boat.
I am still there as the immigration will not let us immigrate until we can produce evidence of passage out of the country. So it looks like the missionary journey will commence sooner than I thought. I'm believing that God is in everything and that resources will be made available to assist the orphanage in Cuddalore, India. If you would like to be a part of the blessing; please be praying for me and if you would like to be a blessing to these children please contact my sister, Barbara Harris at 951-737-1892. Our missionary organization can provide tax exempt receipts for any contributions you might like to make.
I'll send more details when I can.
Thank you all for your friendship and continued prayers.
Be Blessed

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