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The real budget deficit of USA is $5 Trillion

May 26, 2012

USA Today reported the other day that the real national budget deficit was not merely $1 Trillion as is claimed. It is actually $5 Trillion. The reason for the discrepancy, they say, is that "BY LAW the federal government cannot tell the truth." So who passed that law? Congress?


According to the U.S. Congress, the federal government’s budget deficit last year was $1.3 trillion. According to a USA Today analysis, the true figure is an astronomical $5 trillion.

The reason: Congress exempts itself from including the cost of promised retirement benefits when computing the deficit, unlike companies which must include these commitments in financial statements.

Liabilities for Social Security, Medicare and other retirement programs rose by $3.7 trillion in 2011, but the amount was not included on the government’s books, the analysis found....

By law, the federal government can’t tell the truth,” accountant Sheila Weinberg of the Institute for Truth in Accounting told USA Today.

I know of other instances where it is illegal to tell the truth, passed by Congress itself. I would tell you what they were, but that would be illegal.

It's the "mystery" in Mystery Babylon, which can survive only by keeping their laws secretive. If too many people learned what was going on, the people might votte them out of office.

Or give them a lengthy interview with a lamp post.

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