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Preparing for Babylon's fall--Part 2

May 10, 2012

In writing Part 1, I did not go into much detail, nor did I even attempt to prove my statements. I have written extensively on these things for a long time, and my books speak for themselves. Yet every so often, it is helpful to step back and provide a basic outline without becoming bogged down in the details.

The problem with such an outline is that there are always new readers who are ready to object to any given point without studying the details that I have written elsewhere. So I thought it would be helpful to offer further studies on each of the points that I made earlier.

First, I stated that "America's founding was linked by known prophetic time cycles to the biblical nation of Israel." This is not limited to 1776-1800, but also includes 1860, the start of our Civil War. The year 1914 likewise is linked to Babylon's rise, and also to 1917, which was 2,520 years after Babylon conquered Jerusalem. "Mystery Babylon" is a prophetic repeat of ancient Babylon, only in a modern setting. These things are detailed in my books:

1. The Prophetic History of the United States
2. Secrets of time

America's historical connection to the northern "lost tribes" of Israel is given in more detail in my book: Who is an Israelite?

For those who do not understand the difference between Israel and Judah, or who have assumed that the Jews are the biblical Israelites, I suggest reading: Who is a Jew?

The Dispensationalist theory was developed in the 1800's and popularized by the Scofield Bible, which was published at Oxford Press through the influence of Samuel Untermyer. This gave Scofield's Bible prestige, even though Oxford never published any books except by notable authors, and Scofield himself had never published anything but small tracts and booklets.

The Dispensationalist theory itself has now become mainstream among evangelicals, and it has colored many other issues in the process. A more complete study of these issues is in my book: Daniel's Seventy Weeks.

Dispensationalism was developed apart from any real knowledge of the biblical feast days, which are the core outline of all Bible prophecy. The Spring feasts were fulfilled in Christ's first appearance; the Autumn feasts are yet to be fulfilled in Christ's second appearance. Unfortunately, neither Scofield nor his predecessors appear to have had any serious knowledge of this, and so their theory deviated significantly from the revelation of the feasts. For a study on each of these feasts and how they prophesy of things to come, see my book, The Laws of the Second Coming.

or at least read my shorter book: The Rapture in the Light of Tabernacles.

These books will show that America's founding is the REAL regathering of the tribes of Israel at the end of their "seven times" of tribulation (7 x 360 years = 2,520 years). As for Judah's time of tribulation, it follows a different course of history, though it too has a 2,520-year time frame. Jerusalem was conquered in 604 B.C., and 2,520 years later, British General Allenby took Jerusalem from the Ottomans (now Turkey) in 1917.

This history itself shows that the "tribulation" is not a mere 7 years reserved to the time of the end. It actually follows the "day for a year" principle (Ezek. 4:6). A prophetic year is 360 days, and so the long-term tribulation of Israel and Judah lasted 2,520 years. This is supported by Daniel's prophecies, which speak of a succession of empires that were to dominate the Western World.

When the state of "Israel" was founded in 1948, prophecy preachers were certain that the Antichrist would arise either immediately or in 3-1/2 years. They were certain that "The Tribulation" had begun and would last 7 years from 1948-1955. Everyone got ready for "The Rapture," which positively had to happen either in 1948 or in the middle of this Tribulation (1950-51). Obviously, this did not happen. But instead of questioning their assumptions, they merely went on "Antichrist Watch." Many candidates came and went, and they are still looking.

Then came the 6-day war in 1967, and again there was a great flurry of excitement. Then it was proclaimed that the Rapture would have to be in 1988, which was 40 years after 1948. An author made a lot of money selling books--enough to retire when the event was another dud.

The year 1948 was certainly an important year in prophetic history--but not as people think. That topic is too long to explain here, but the full story is given in my book: The Struggle for the Birthright.

Only when we get a proper perspective of prophecy (as outlined in the feast days of Israel) can we hope to adjust our assumptions toward the truth of the matter. The other big issue is the case of mistaken identity--where evangelicals assume that the Jews are Israel. I remember pointing out this very issue to my dad in 1971. Though he was a Bible College grad, a pastor and missionary for many years, this was a real revelation to him. He "knew" that Judah and Israel were distinct nations (after the death of Solomon), but yet he did not really "know" it when it came to the outworking of this simple historical fact.

When he studied it for himself, he discovered that the prophecies given to Israel were quite different from those given to Judah. A good example is found in Jer. 18:1-10, where the prophet tells us the future of Israel. Then beginning in verse 11, he turns to Judah and Jerusalem, and this continues through chapter 19. The prophet gives hope for Israel, but speaks of utter destruction for Jerusalem and Judah. In both cases, a clay jar is used to illustrate the nations. Israel was wet clay that was beaten down and remade into another vessel. Judah was hardened clay that was to be cast into gehenna, "the valley of the son of Hinnom" as a vessel that could not be repaired (Jer. 19:11).

This prophecy alone destroys the essence of Dispensationalism. Many Christians raise money to send more Jews to Palestine. They support Jewish settlements in Jerusalem, not realizing that they are probably consigning those Jews to death when Jer. 19:11 is fulfilled. Jerusalem has been destroyed many times in the past, but it has always been rebuilt or repaired. The day is coming, however, when it will not be possible to rebuild it, as the prophet tells us.

It is important to understand these things, so that we do not have their blood on our hands. Well-meaning Christians have been deceived into participating in a great holocaust yet to come. So study the facts and avoid the tears.

This is the final part of a series titled "Preparing for Babylon's Fall." To view all parts, click the link below.

Preparing for Babylon's Fall

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