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News from the world battle front

May 02, 2012

A lot has happened since my trip began. First, it appears that a lot of suppressed technology has been released to the governments of the world, presumably to publicize free energy which the big oil and electrical companies have fought to suppress. This was done April 21. Unfortunately, I lost the link after reading it, so I can't post it for you.


Secondly, a new round of liens were filed April 17- 26 against the European central banks (G-7 countries), even as happened a few weeks ago with the 12 Federal Reserve Banks in the USA. Take note of the names of the bank owners who are being indicted.


For many years people have been working to expose the Babylonian captivity, but they had very limited success in the courts. Now we are seeing very high level court cases that have the backing of some very powerful people. It appears that the Federal Reserve owners have finally hit the proverbial wall.

It is being reported even that Dr. Michael Herzog was arrested, questioned, and gave an enormous amount of information implicating many top leaders of the collapsing old world order. Herzog is an Israeli who also lives in Germany, presumably having dual citizenship.


Some of you may be disturbed at the allegations being made against some politicians that have enjoyed popular support in America and around the world. Keep an open mind and just be aware of what is going on, so that when the final truths come out, you won't be taken totally by surprise.

Remember that in the end, there will be nothing hidden that shall not be shouted from the house tops. God is working to expose truth, even if the truth is only partial along the way.

It is going to be interesting to see the effect of these exposures on the coming presidential election.

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