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Major turn in the hidden war

May 05, 2012


It is being reported today by Veterans Today that President Obama unexpectedly signed papers joining the International Criminal Court. This now subjects Americans to arrest for war crimes, if they gave orders to torture those "enemy combatants," or if they carried out those orders.

President Bush, Jr. refused to recognize that court in order to protect his torture-minded cronies.

"The US left the court under Bush in order to protect those responsible for kidnapping, drug running and torture."

This may well be a very huge step, and now all those who authorized the torture used in Guantanamo are subject to arrest by the international court. Just because America left the court during the torture days does not give immunity to those guilty of war crimes.

In my view, it is about time. If this issue is not righted, it implicates all of us as Americans.

"In doing so, Obama even puts himself at risk but the risk is far higher to Ashcroft, Gonzales, McCain, Lieberman, Bush (all), Cheney and a list of war criminals who may number in the thousands."

In recent months, over 600 top CEO's, bankers, and politicians have resigned, or have been arrested, or have died mysteriously in the financial war that has been ongoing for many years. It appears now that a major turn in the road has now taken place, as Obama's signature now threatens some very powerful men in America.

Perhaps their only hope now is to discredit President Obama himself. If they can prove legally that Obama is an unlawfully-elected president, then perhaps they can avoid arrest. Look for this issue to erupt soon in the mainstream media.

I have always believed and said that if Obama's birth certificate issue ever hits the mainstream news and the court system rules against him, he would be removed from office for all the wrong reasons.

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Dr. Stephen Jones

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