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Hedge fund managers betting against Eurozone

May 05, 2012


The Eurozone is in trouble, according to some very big hedge fund managers. Their investments are betting that the Eurozone is headed toward collapse--not just Greece or Spain, but even Germany and The Netherlands.

While this may be startling news to those who believe what governments and the managed media tell them, it is not news to those who understand the underlying corruption in the financial system.

What I did notice in the article above was not so much what they said, but what they did NOT say.

Most of us know the big names in the eurozone that have gotten into serious financial trouble over the last few years.

  • Ireland had to be rescued by other eurozone members when its debt-fueled property bubble collapsed, pushing the country to the verge of sovereign bankruptcy.
  • Greece also had to be bailed out (twice) when it's sovereign-debt bubble burst, leaving it a hair's breadth away from default.
  • Spain is most recently in the news, as its own debt-fueled property bubble and fiscal problems are sending the cost of its debt to near-unsustainable levels.
  • Even France has been looked at suspiciously by the bond markets for a while.

But Financial Times is reporting that a group of hedge fund managers are now shorting some of the core countries in the eurozone, including Germany and the Netherlands, even though bond yields in those countries -- the gauge for measuring a country's fiscal and financial health -- are still at record or near-record lows.

But wait--why is there no mention of Iceland??? Did not Iceland default first? How is it that Ireland is given first credit for having problems? Is it perhaps because Iceland is on some kind of black list in order to hide the positive effects of what they did? They just refused to pay, and they arrested the bankers. Now they are starting to cancel mortgages for average people.

Silence speaks volumes. This glaring omission is not an oversight, but is a deliberate cover up of the obvious solution to all the other nations as well.

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