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Chad Taylor's prophecy post re 2006

May 12, 2012

I found this prophecy interesting:

The tapestries of religion will begin to unravel as the Kingdom is wrested from the hands of Saul into the heart of David. No longer will the hands of man lay siege to the will of God making the promises of no effect. But a clarion call of allegiance to My heart will undo the centuries of rhetoric and ritual that has bound My children to a lie. I will make a way of escape from the prison of self indulgence and this generation will set the stage of self-sacrifice. 2006 will be the beginning of the end of Saul's house and the spear of religion will make an end to its enterprise. Seven signs will mark this year as the beginning of these things, 4 in the economy and 3 in the natural as an era comes to an end.

1993 was the actual year that "Saul" died, as it marked the 40th Jubilee of the Age of Pentecost. However, we then were required to engage in 13 years of spiritual warfare to 2006. So in a sense, we can say that the practical manifestation of Saul's death in the earth took full effect in 2006.

Our final work in this Jubilee Prayer Campaign took place at Babylon, NY on Oct. 7, 2006. We understood that the economic system of Babylon would begin to collapse within the following year, or by October of 2007. It did, in fact, begin to unravel in July 2007 with the sub-prime mortgage problem. I do not know whether or not this is one of the four economic signs in the prophecy above.

For a more indepth study of Saul as a Pentecostal type, see chapter 2 of my book, The Wheat and Asses of Pentecost.

The "clarion call" reminds me of our first Joseph meeting at the Clarion Hotel in Modesto, CA, held January 23-25, 2009. We understood this in terms of Joseph (the second coming of Christ), rather than of David (the first coming).

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