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Bethlehem Found

May 23, 2012


Archeologists have finally proven the Bible's accuracy once again.

The skepticism that arose in the 1800's cast doubt on the biblical account on the grounds that many events and place names could not be proven or verified by archeology.

The problem was that archeology was very young in those days, and so archeological proof had yet to catch up to the truth of Scripture.

One of those issues surrounded Micah's mention of Bethlehem in connection to the birthplace of the Messiah. They said that there was no proof that Bethlehem even existed as a town that far back. And, of course, if there is no proof, then the Bible must be untrue.

Well, Mr. Skeptic, feed on this piece of information. Archeology is finally catching up to what we have known for a long time. They found an ancient clay seal that mentions Bethlehem.

The proof came, they said, in a clay seal unearthed near the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem and imprinted with three lines of ancient Hebrew script that include the word "Bethlehem".

Eli Shukron, who directed the excavation on behalf of the Israel Antiquities Authority, said the seal apparently had been placed on a tax shipment of silver or agricultural produce sent from Bethlehem to the King of Judah in nearby Jerusalem in the 8th or 7th century BC.

"This is the first time the name Bethlehem appears outside the Bible in an inscription from the First Temple period," Shukron said in a statement, referring to the years 1006 BC to 586 BC.

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