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Barley Watch

May 15, 2012


In the wake of JP Morgan's admitted $2 billion loss last week, on Sunday, May 13, the company fired the most powerful woman on Wall Street, Ina R. Drew.

"Dimon did not accept Drew’s resignation until Sunday — after disclosure of the losses sent JPMorgan’s market value plunging 9% and dragged down other financial stocks, sparking fears of a new investor panic."

In that this event occurred on the wave-sheaf offering for the Second Passover (May 13), it is the financial sign for that date. We thought the date might see the revaluation of the Iraqi dinar, but instead we got the resignation of a woman whose name has all the letters of DINAR in it.

INA R. D(rew)

How odd is that?

It tells me that her resignation is another major step in this Dinar theme, but obviously it is not the final step. We are still in the season of the barley harvest until Pentecost the last Sunday of this month, so we are still on "barley watch."

The western bankers and politicians originally overthrew Iraq partly in order to crash their currency and then make a huge profit on it when it revalued. However, their plans were hijacked by the kings of the east, who did not want the dinar to fund Mystery Babylon, which they oppose. The Eastern front has largely succeeded in forcing the system to change from fiat money to something backed by gold, silver, oil, etc. This Basel III system is scheduled for implementation beginning January 1. Hence, the western banks and their power brokers now oppose the very plan that they created 20 years ago. And the Iraqis are caught in the middle of an epic power struggle on the world stage.

The conflict is sure to bring down JPM and other financial institutions in the end. With $70 Trillion in their derivatives portfolio, they have become little more than a banking casino that is about to get some very bad luck as Greece and Spain implode and default. I think that the resignation of Ms Drew is more significant than it appears on the surface. The timing of her resignation on a Watch Date speaks volumes to me, even if she was just the scapegoat in this. Officially, she is "retiring," so perhaps she is just one of hundreds of major financial and political figures who have resigned or retired to avoid arrest by INTERPOL.

 In a more long-range view, looking at other possibilities, we might watch July 9, as this is the 2-year anniversary of the day we cast barley into the headwaters of the Mississippi River. We reported on this at the time in our weblogs, so they may be found in our archives. This was the 8th sign of Elisha, the last one that we have seen. The 9th is the revaluation of the dinar, and the start of the "double portion" of signs. Recall that the first 8 signs of Elisha matched the anointing of Elijah, but Elisha performed 16 signs with his double portion inheritance.

We seem to have gotten stuck after 8 signs, and so technically we are still in the "Elijah" stage in this sequence. I would not have thought it would go on this long. This delay for the double portion was truly unexpected, after watching the first 8 signs come so quickly one after another. It is possible that "Elijah" has been given a full 3-1/2 years for the single portion. If so, we may have to wait until early October before this continues into the Elisha phase.

This all started by prophetic decree at the first Manassas conference on April 12, 2009. If we calculate 3-1/2 years from there, we come to October 12, 2012.

If we view the 3-1/2 years as being 1,260 days, then it would end a bit earlier on Sept. 23. So these dates are also possibilities, even if we hope it does not take that long. At this time, however, I do not know if either of these dates involves barley.

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