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US Military stocking up on potassium iodide

Apr 13, 2012


The Business Insider reports this headline:

The Army Is Stocking Up On A Ton Of Anti-Radiation Pills To Protect Troops

The FDA recommends taking potassium iodide in radiation emergencies to block cancer-causing radioiodines that would otherwise be absorbed by the body's thyroid — the gland in your neck that regulates adrenaline and metabolism, along with doing a bunch of other stuff we need to survive.

The U.S. has bought potassium iodide tablets in the past, and is now looking ahead to scenarios, possibly spurred by last year's Fukushima crisis.

As the federal solicitation is quick to point out, "The recent earthquake in Japan in March of 2011 and the resultant nuclear crisis has renewed interest in this item."

Of course, potassium iodide would also come in handy if there were to be an airstrike against a target laden will nuclear material, say, like the sites in Iran. One of the big concerns surrounding the practical devastation of those nuclear facilities is the radiation it will unleash into the surroundings.

Destroying one of the most likely Iranian targets, the 1000-megawatt Bushehr nuclear plant, would create just such a concern....

While the potassium iodide tablets wanted by the Army don't necessarily mean a thing, they'll sure be nice to have if an attack against Iran eventually goes down.

And until that actually happens, the only clue we'll have about what the Pentagon may be planning is in small inconclusive supply requests like this.

Note: The military purchases potassium iodide, simply because years ago someone did a $100 million study on it to show its effectiveness. No one has done so with potassium iodate, though most people believe that iodate is a better form of iodine, and that it has a much longer shelf life. Yes, there are always differences of opinion, but the bottom line is that both are effective in an emergency. If you need it, take what you have.

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