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The approaching overthrow of Iraqi P.M. Maliki

Apr 08, 2012

ERBIL, April 8 (AKnews) - Kurds may join other Iraqi forces to attempt to remove Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki - who has been accused of autocracy and dictatorship - if he continues in his political behavior, said a Kurdish observer.

Comment: I have believed for some years now that Maliki is a type of Belshazzar, who was overthrown by the kings of the east in the days of the prophet Daniel.

I am only surprised that he has lasted this long.

The fact that Kurdistan Region's President Barzani spent an entire week in talks in Washington underscores the importance of this issue. There is little doubt that Barzani was discussing the feasibility of Maliki's overthrow, and his warm welcome in Washington is being seen as a warning to Maliki.

In the sequence of events which I believe is going to happen (based on the pattern of Babylon's overthrow in Daniels time), the revaluation of their currency ought to occur just before the fall of Maliki. In history, the Medes and Persians diverted the river Euphrates and then came into the city on the river bed. Belshazzar was then killed.

The Euphrates was the life blood of Babylon. The river was a type of money, the life blood of Mystery Babylon today. Iraq is a regional type of Babylon, and we believe that we are seeing this prophetic pattern playing out in Iraqi politics and economics.

For this reason, it is my opinion that the diversion of the river is the revaluation of the dinar, and that once this occurs, Maliki will fall from power one way or another. Maliki's name means "king," and I believe he is a type of Belshazzar in Daniel 5.

So the closer we get to the fall of Maliki, the closer we get to the revaluation of the dinar. It appears that the Kurds have just about had all they can stomach out of Maliki. And, of course, Revelation 16 gives us the added detail that Babylon will fall into 3 pieces. The fact that Iraq is divided mainly in 3 sections already leads me to believe that the country will ultimately split up.

But not before the revaluation and the overthrow of Maliki.

That is why I think the window of opportunity for cashing in on the dinar will not be too long, perhaps only a few months' time. But there will be sufficient time for people to cash out and then utilize the money as they wish.

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