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Lien filed against all 12 Federal Reserve banks

Apr 14, 2012


A lot has happened these past few days. If even the main points are true, it appears that our "barley" date of April 8 (last Sunday) was indeed a major financial turning point in the banker wars between East and West.

This report mentions April 14 as the time for another major step in this process. Is it a coincidence that this is also just before "Easter" in the Eastern tradition?

Keep in mind that I do not necessarily think that this report is free from error. In fact, those involved in it are still learning things, too, and occasionally they have to retract statements. Nonetheless, it is important that we be informed on these age-changing events, so they do not take us by surprise.

Here is an excerpt:

It is furthermore noted that Kaspar Villiger, the Chairman of UBS, has previously been placed on notice, along with his bank, to Cease and Desist. Such order was issued from the control authority.

The BIS has furthermore been placed on similar standing by the same control authority as well.

On April 8, 2012, an Employee of Alex Ling Lee Soon entered Indonesia in an attempt to commit fraud on behalf of Mr. Ling and/or his company.

This not only targeted the funds of the Family Heritance Guarantee, but was also intended to create an opportunity to illegally cheat and steal from the collateral accounts -- which have nothing whatsoever to do with Seno Edy Soekanto or Alex Ling Lee Soon.

WHEREBY; we, the undersigned, are ordering Alex Ling Lee Soon, Jack Singh, Mr. Chee, Kaspar Villiger, and the Union Bank of Switzerland to stand down -- and to CEASE AND DESIST on this, the 11th day of April, 2012, or face litigation.

Be aware that on the week of the 13th of April, you will be exposed internationally for your wrongdoings.

SIGNED by the Settlors of the Soekarno Trust – otherwise publicly known as the International Collateral Combined Accounts.

[Signed by Neil Keenan, dated April 11, 2012]

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