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Iceland cancels mortgages for its population

Apr 13, 2012


Have you noticed how Iceland is seldom mentioned any more on the financial news? They focus upon Greece, Italy, and Spain, and they even go back as far as Ireland's bailout. But what about the very first of the recent nations to default?

That would be Iceland. They decided to "just say no." This is the closest thing to a Jubilee that we have seen so far. I suspect that the people of Iceland finally learned that the so-called "money" that they supposedly owed had been created out of nothing and loaned to them at interest. That money did not represent any hard work that anyone did to earn it. It was only a bookkeeping entry that was designed to enslave them and their children forever to those who had the power to create cash out of thin air.

The word is out. The land of Media is overthrowing Babylon via the Internet (media). No longer can the news be censored or stifled.

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Dr. Stephen Jones

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