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Have you noticed a double witness?

Apr 07, 2012

I have noticed that whenever I do another segment in the study of the book of James, something always seems to illustrate that passage. Sometimes, it is in the national news; other times it is more personal.

This really became apparent when I wrote about being slow to anger (James 1:19). This led me to the book of Jonah, and suddenly we were preparing for a prayer campaign.

Yesterday was particularly interesting to me, because the study in James 4:1-3 coincided with Good Friday and Passover. In studying the causes of war and conflict, we see it playing out in the Passover conflict over the throne rights of Christ. Those who were carnal desired to usurp the throne, fulfilling the prophetic type of Absalom who had usurped the throne about 1000 years earlier.

When carnal men know they are in the wrong, they do not ask with a sincere heart, and so they simply take what their hearts lust after.

I also received a letter of apology from a man who had stolen from me. Once again, he had not because he asked not. He had been in a position where he could have asked me, and I would have given to him. Instead, he stole from me and now regrets it.

So this short weblog today is to make you aware that God has been confirming His word with signs following. The very timing of these studies has been ordered of the Lord, and He has even taken into account the gaps caused by my recent trip to Manassas. Today we have a local meeting all day and must leave in a few minutes.

I believe that many of you must have noticed some signs in your own lives, perhaps not all the time but some of the time. Collectively, it is my opinion (which I cannot prove) that at least one other person out there receives some revelation or experiences something that is consistent with every one of these blogs on the book of James. This provides a double witness to the studies themselves.

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