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Mar 21, 2012

Last January I took note that March 16-20 was an important time to watch. It was 16 x 414 days from the "His Fullness Prayer Campaign" of Jan. 27-30, 1994.

So what has happened during this time?

President Obama's Executive Order

Well, it started out with President Obama signing an Executive Order giving Homeland Security authority over virtually everything whenever the government decides to make their Martial Law status public. This Executive Order is not really new, but is an updated version to take into account the new Department of Homeland Security. Both President Clinton (1994) and Bush (2003) signed similar Executive Orders, but this new Department was not yet fully established, so President Obama signed the updates.

It is obvious that neither Republicans nor Democrats want to repeal the Martial Law provisions made in 1933 under President Roosevelt. At that time, Congress gave the president dictatorial powers until such time that the president rescinded those powers. Of course, no president thereafter took us out of martial law. Ron Paul introduced a resolution back in 1973 to do this, but it hardly got any support at all. It appears that the Congressmen from both parties wanted America to remain under Martial Law, so that America would continue to be governed by Executive Orders from the Dictator-in-Chief. Any "democracy" that we have is only by permission from the so-called "president."

JPMorgan and the Vatican

Secondly, JPMorgan began to phase out the Vatican Bank's account. This is to be completed March 30, 2012. This date coincides with the end of the two 76-day cleansing cycles that began 10-31-11. The date is important in establishing the pattern of events that will culminate in October, ending the Prophetic Year 2012.

March 17, 2012

This was 16 x 414 days after His Fullness Prayer Campaign that was held Jan. 27-30, 1994. Sunny Day Roberts did not realize this when she was led to call together a meeting in Wisconsin that was dedicated to Eph. 3:19, "that you might be filled with all the fullness of God."

Two days later, on the evening of March 19, just before our Bible Study in Hudson, Wisconsin, our hosts saw a full rainbow in the sky over Roberts, Wisconsin. The town is named for Sunny Day Roberts' ancestors. They took a picture of the rainbow and sent it to me. The rainbow suggests that "His Fullness" is the promise of the Covenant.

March 19-20 Military Coup in China

The night of March 19 saw unusual activity of military vehicles surrounding key buildings in Beijing, along with a blackout on news. It is not fully clear what has happened yet, but it appears that two factions of China's government are in conflict over the expulsion of Bo Xilai as head of Chongqing City Communist Party on March 15. This was followed by the firing of the city's vice mayor, Wang Lijun.

What is unclear at the moment is whether the military came to arrest Bo Xilai or to protect him.


Whatever has transpired will soon be clarified. I am mostly interested in the power struggle between the real players who remain in the background.

This could prove to be the most important world event of all in our watch time.

Mexico 7.4 Richter Quake

Southern Mexico suffered a 7.4 Richter earthquake on March 20. No one is being reported killed, though there are people injured. It was the strongest quake since Sept. 19, 1985 when a quake in Mexico killed over 20,000.

Projections for March 22-24

In 2001 we held three prayer campaigns whose purpose was to overthrow the seven princes over America. The final campaign was held on March 22-24, 2001.

The prayer campaign itself was called, "He is Building Effective Apostleship," and we understand from this that God was raising up a new type of Apostle that was to be more "effective" than those under the Pentecostal anointing. Recall that Jesus trained 12 disciples who were then turned into Apostles on the day of Pentecost when they were commissioned and SENT out as witnesses of Christ's resurrection.

An Apostle is "one who is sent."

An earthquake occurred when Jesus died (Matt. 27:51), which dislodged the beam in the temple that was holding up the veil into the Most Holy Place. "The veil of the temple was torn in two" (Luke 23:45). A second earthquake, perhaps an aftershock, occurred when Jesus rose from the dead, rolling the stone away and opening the tomb (Matt. 28:2).

These earthquakes characterized the main events of the first work of Christ. Another quake occurred to mark the sign of the second work of Christ, and this is where we may see a similar sign in our time. The book of Acts gives us the history of the "acts of the apostles" when they were sent out under the empowerment of Pentecost in the wake of the first work of Christ. But beginning in Acts 3 we also see prophesied--just under the surface of the book--the apostles that will be sent out under the second work of Christ.

A major prophetic event occurred in Acts 4:31 as a sign of this event. It was an earthquake that occurred in the second outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

(31) And when they had prayed, the place where they had gathered together was shaken, and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit, and began to speak the word of God with boldness.

It was this second outpouring of the Spirit that filled them with boldness and made them more "effective" in their witness. The Spirit was accompanied by an earthquake that shook the place where they were gathered.

For this reason, we may see an earthquake sign between March 22-24, which is the 11th anniversary of our "Effective Apostleship" prayer campaign in 2001. There are people who, for entirely different reasons, are predicting such an earthquake for March 22.


I think this is entirely possible. Perhaps yesterday's earthquake in Mexico is just the beginning.

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