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The Three City States of Babylon

Mar 10, 2012

Three City States form a triumvirate of power in Mystery Babylon. Each has its own obelisk representing (carnal, sexual) power. Each has its own jurisdiction (financial, military, and religious). If you want to understand better how Mystery Babylon is governed, here is a good place to start.


Notice the 3 red dragons on the flag of "The City". Note the three stars on the flag of Washington D.C. Notice the "Union Jack" pattern in the square surrounding the Obelisk at the Vatican.

On the flag of The City of London, the one-mile square international trade center, notice the Templar cross under the 3 red dragons. Note in particular the smaller upside down cross as well, as this represents the cross of St. Peter, who was said to be crucified upside down. This again shows the Templar influence in the Vatican.


In the 1960's it came to be used by Anton LeVey when he established the Satanist Church of America.

The Templars were suppressed by the Vatican in 1307 after they became enormously wealthy by discovering the treasure of Solomon under the temple site in Jerusalem. They were the first to print paper currency and issue credit cards to the tourists going to Jerusalem. Pope Clement V suppressed them, ultimately burning their leader, Jacques De Molay, at the stake (1314).


The De Molays today are the young boys section of the Order of Freemasons, who are a more visible organization controlled by the Templars. Albert Pike was the head of Scottish Rite Freemasonry in the late 1800's, and he is the one who conceived the plan for three world wars to overthrow Islam, Judaism, and Christianity and set up a Luciferian World Order.

The Templars went underground when suppressed in 1307. Many escaped to Scotland, and these became the power brokers in The City of London, creating a corporation known as The Crown. These became allies of the Rothschilds, Jews in name, but Satanists in secret, even as the Templars (at the top) were also Satanists.

One of the Templar descendants founded the Jesuit Order in the 1500's, and this order ultimately took over power in the Vatican itself, uniting it with their counterparts in The City of London. In 1871 they established Washington DC as the third City State and turned it into a military power to protect the other two.

These form an unholy trinity, but in each city, there are good people who do not know who really rules the world under Mystery Babylon. In fact, all three locations have been secretly taken over by the Babylonians, and all three need to be set free by the power of Jesus Christ.

This is ultimately what we are up against in our prayer campaigns. It is good to know that we are more than conquerors, because all of their military, financial, and religious power is no match for us as we move by the power of Jesus Christ.

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