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The Arab Spring, its cause and consequences

Mar 10, 2012

Last year I posted a link where in 2001 General Wesley Clark talked about the American government's plan to bring about the so-called "Arab Spring." These plans included the overthrow of 7 Middle East nations.


Well, the plan is working quite well, except that they have run into resistance in Syria. But what does our government really intend to accomplish by this? Remember, these dictators, emirs, and kings in the Middle East were propped up decades ago in order to control populations of people with puppet regimes. It did not matter to America in the past that many of these were quite ruthless and very undemocratic. So why the change?

Is it because someone or some group of people behind the scenes decided that it was time to set off that final war, according to Albert Pike's plan from the 1800's?


How might this be accomplished? Quite simple, really. Just overthrow these dictators so that the people can have democratic elections and insert more radical brands of religious-based government. This will heat up the Middle East and make it much easier to start a war with the Israelis.

Then, of course, the Pike Plan calls for the destruction of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity in one big conflagration, as the "holy city" of all three religions is destroyed. They know that this would create a spiritual vacuum, and the people will be so disillusioned and shell-shocked that they would then be ripe to become Luciferians. Or so Albert Pike thought.

Well, we are already seeing radical movements being set up in the countries where the Arab Spring has succeeded. Look at what our efforts in Iraq have accomplished. 90 students were stoned for having the wrong hair style.


The more lawless and radical a population is, the more power a government must have to rule them. That is a simple principle of political science. In fact, governments often stir up radicals as an excuse to pass more restrictive laws. Our own government has been doing this for a very long time. They create a crisis and then present their solution, which inevitably erodes the Constitution by moving us further toward dictatorship--all in the name of freedom and security, of course.

Yet the fact is, the more Americans are collectively immoral and lawless, the more we are enslaved not only to sin but to government. They know this, and so this has been the long-range plan for a long time. Secret societies have been working to corrupt our morals in order to destroy our Republic, turn us into a Socialist Democracy, and this inevitably leads to Dictatorship, as Karl Marx well understood.

If we put this is a biblical perspective, it comes down to the difference between Hagar and Sarah. When we view this distinction from a governmental point of view, we see that the children of the flesh must be treated like unruly children. They need tutors and governors, as Paul says, and they must be under the authority of guardians. Children may have some equal rights among themselves, though modified by age differences, but children do not have parental rights. There is no "democracy" between child and parent. So also is it with a government that rules the unruly children of the flesh.

The only way that it will work to have limited government is if the people are truly law-abiding Christians, people who are spiritually mature. These are the children of Sarah, the New Jerusalem and the New Covenant. It is for this reason that certain men plotted years ago to corrupt us in order to gain power over us and destroy the original Republic.

Now they have turned their attention to the Middle East. They know full well that children of Hagar cannot rule themselves without constantly fighting among themselves as they play King of the Hill. This is their way of creating chaos to set the stage for World War 3 as Pike conceived it. None of them are aware of these sinister purposes. They do not understand that they are being manipulated by their own hatred, fear, and desire for revenge.

The plan will backfire. The plotters will be exposed in the end, but meanwhile, millions of people could be dead. I have no doubt that it is God's intent to destroy Jerusalem, for the prophets make that very clear. But the Luciferians will fail, because God has a better plan. The Kingdom of God will be established as a great Stone that will become a mountain range and fill the whole earth (Dan. 2:35). It will be ruled by Jesus Christ, who showed us what true Love is (Rom. 5:6-10). This is the kind of Love that is unknown to the children of the flesh.

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