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Strange dinar story worth repeating

Mar 12, 2012

I wrote about this in a blog dated 3/24/11. In part, I wrote:

My friend said, "Well we heard that it's supposed to RV any day now". The man responds, "Not yet but soon. What you see going on in Egypt is going to happen in two more middle eastern countries and the US will go into another war." and then he says this, "When it does happen it will RV at 3.18, when it does RV, everything is going to change".

The question, of course, is what does "3.18" mean? Since it was verbal, we could write it differently, perhaps as a date 3/18. Be sure to reread the whole article above, as it speaks of a dream I had on Feb. 6, 1986.

In that dream, the strange dollar bill that the bank teller gave me, as I cashed a paycheck, had Ronald Reagan's signature on it, along with the date of March 18. I did not realize until just yesterday that Feb. 6, 1986 was Ronald Reagan's 75th birthday. And that 40 days later was March 18. "Yet 40 days and Nineveh shall be overthrown."

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Dr. Stephen Jones

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