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Spiritual connections from 2001 and 2012

Mar 09, 2012

The Divine Deliverance Prayer Campaign will last until sundown today (end of Purim). However, the battle will actually be won, says the Lord, about 1:31 p.m. CST. We often see some event in the world that marks this, but a lot of those events are also hidden from public view. Sometimes political or economic decisions are made behind the scenes, which only unfold to the public later.

Back on February 28, 2001, as we finished a prayer campaign against Beelzebub and the Prince of Revenge, a 6.8 Richter earthquake struck Olympia, Washington, cracking the State Capitol dome. A large pendulum had been set up nearby, and the motion of the quake caused the pendulum to "draw" a rose in the sand. They even sell pictures of it today.


The Father had actually sent me to the state of Washington to conduct this prayer campaign from Feb. 26-28. Actually, I returned to Minneapolis the evening of Feb. 27, but the battle continued until the next day.

The cracking of the Capitol dome in Olympia carries much symbolic meaning. The "elite" of the earth call themselves "Olympians," because they think of themselves as gods. They pull the strings of their puppet governments. Our prayer campaign was directed against the first 2 (out of 7) spiritual princes ruling America, and hence, the cracking of the Capitol dome in Washington. The state is a type of the city of D.C.

Ten years earlier, on Feb. 28, 1991, the Gulf War ended. It was Purim that year when Iraq was defeated.

The invasion of Iraq then began March 18, 2003, which was Purim in 2003.

The current Divine Deliverance prayer campaign is also at Purim in 2012. So we see a common thread here. The Purim connection indicates that all of these events occurred ON THE SAME DATE by the lunar calendar.

The battle which ended with the 6.8 Richter quake in Olympia Feb. 28, 2001 overthrew the Prince of Revenge ruling America. Today we are overthrowing the spirit of revenge, who has the same characteristics but is perhaps a lesser entity ruling Purim.

Strangely enough, Purim fell on March 8 and 9 both in 2001 and again in 2012. But on Purim of 2001 we overthrew the Prince of Usury. Today we are overthrowing the spirit of revenge. And consider the fact that last night the creditors of Greece took a 53.5% loss on their Greek bonds. This shows the 2001 connection to today's battle, because the earthly princes of usury took a huge hit 11 years later--i.e., last night.

Perhaps this 11-year cycle is foreshadowed by the fact that on March 7, 2001, Ariel Sharon was sworn in as Israel's 11th Prime Minister.

Once a spiritual event is established on a particular date, its effect is permanent but cyclical. It keeps coming up again and again over the years, either on the same date in years to come, or in some time cycle such as 414 days or 490 days. This makes it complex, of course, and difficult to comprehend. It takes careful record keeping in order to remember what was done and when it was done.

Fortunately, that is something that God forced me to do beginning in 1981.

In looking back at my records from 2001, I was reminded of the revelation about how the Prince of Usury came into America:

"On March 12, 2001 the Lord spoke this: "The prince you have called Subjection and the Spirit of the Moneychangers is named the Prince of Usury. He came to America on April 13, 1912. The sinking of the Titanic was a sign of America coming into bondage to the Prince of Usury."

Well, well. The Titanic sank nearly 100 years ago. Two months ago, on January 14, a new Titanic sank off the coast of Italy. It was the Costa Concordia, the luxury cruise liner that news reports compared to the Titanic. This was important to us, because it marked the end of the first 76-day "cleansing" cycle in the new Prophetic Year that had begun on 11-11-11.

There's those elevens again. They seem to suggest an 11-year cycle, making a special connection between 2001 and 2012.

So now we are seeing that 2012, the Year of the Awakening, has a lot to do with the overthrow of the Prince of Usury, which last night's usury "haircut" indicates. And because the Prince of Usury is the spiritual power behind the Federal Reserve System (1913), this could indicate the downfall of the Fed by the end of this year.

Going back to 2001, when we took the Prince of Usury captive, this was the second of three prayer battles. The first was Feb. 26-28, which resulted in the Olympia quake and the "earthquake rose" formed in the sand. The second was March 9 against the Prince of Usury. The third and final battle occurred March 22-24, when we took the final 4 princes captive who had been ruling America. Here is what I wrote in a report in 2001 about the interim between the second and third battle:

The very day that we took the Prince of Usury captive, the Dow Jones stocks began to plunge. From March 9-22 they lost over 1,600 points from 10,850+ down below 9,200. This is what they call a "free fall." Then at 1:47 p.m. (Central Time), about an hour before the markets closed on March 22, we began our final prayer battle. It was an offensive move, taking the Red Dragon and three of his Princes by surprise (for a change). I find it interesting that the stock market immediately stopped falling precisely at that moment at 1:47 p.m.and skyrocketed up in the final hour of trading.

That had to be one of the most meteoric rises in American history. By 1:47 our time (2:47 Eastern Time) the Dow had plunged 381 points to 9107.76. It then turned around and rose 283 points, closing down only 97.5 points.

So we see that back in 2001 the prayer battles affected the stock market. The effect of taking the Prince of Usury captive on March 9 was to see the market plunge 1,600 points by 1:47 p.m., March 22. The number 1600 itself is interesting, because it is the address of the White House on 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington D.C.

Further, 16 is the number of Love, and 1600 is the Fullness of Love. So while the Prince of Usury was being overthrown, God was also manifesting His Love toward us. What is negative for Mystery Babylon is positive for "we the people," as God sets us free.

Incidentally, on March 22, 2001 as the third prayer battle began, I received a telephone call in which a friend said that God had directed him to send our ministry $11,111. We used it print the first edition of The Laws of the Second Coming 11 years ago.

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