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Overcoming the spirit of Amalek

Mar 06, 2012

The story of Purim goes back to the time when the Amalekites attacked Israel a few weeks after they had left Egypt under Moses. The story is recorded in Exodus 17:8-16. After the battle....

(14) Then the Lord said to Moses, "Write this in a book as a memorial, and recite it to Joshua, that I will utterly blot out the memory of Amalek from under heaven." (15) And Moses built an altar, and named it "Yahweh-nissi" [Yahweh our Banner]; (16) and he said, "The Lord has sworn that the Lord will have war against Amalek from generation to generation."

This is the origin of God's personal war against Amalek, son of Eliphaz, son of Esau-Edom. Amalek represents those who have a problem with the love of money in general, but particularly headed by the Rothschild banking fraternity of modern Edom.

"Edom is in modern Jewry," says The Jewish Encyclopedia, 1925 edition, Vol. 5, page 41. Amalek is a sub-tribe of Edom, and speaks prophetically of the love of money.

When Amalek attacked the Israelites, their desire was to steal the wealth that they had gotten from Egypt as payment for centuries of slavery (Ex. 12:36). God then put Amalek under a curse, which put them on Cursed Time. In other words, God gave Amalek 414 years of grace in which to repent and prevent divine judgment from hitting them. Yes, God gives grace to all without exception, but repentance (self-judgment, as we see in 1 Cor. 11:28) is necessary to avoid the imposition of divine judgment.

The newly-revealed name of God was Yahweh-nissi. He is our war banner, the standard that leads the troops into battle. Apart from His leading, all warfare is carnal and should be avoided. Only God is capable of determining what warfare is truly righteous and how to proceed with it. Only those who are led by the Spirit of God can claim to have Yahweh-nissi leading them.

God also told Moses to remember. But then we find no further mention of this in Scripture until the time of King Saul many centuries later. It is as if God "forgot" about it until 1 Samuel 15. The key is knowing that God put Amalek on Cursed Time--a grace period of 414 years. By biblical chronology, this extended from the year of the Exodus (2448 years from Adam) until the 18th year of Saul in 2862.

You see, it was 480 years from the Exodus to the 4th year of Solomon when the foundation for the temple was laid (1 Kings 6:1). His father, David, died four years earlier 476 years after the Exodus. Because David had reigned 40 years, we know that his predecessor, Saul, had died 436 years after the Exodus. Saul died in his 40th year, so his 18th year was 414 years after the Exodus.

Joseph, David, and Saul all were tested in their 18th year. It is the nature of the number 18.

As the king, Saul's calling was to be God's judge in the earth to fulfill the will (law) of God. He failed to bring full judgment upon Amalek when their grace period ran out. Instead, Saul was carried away by the love of money--keeping the best of the flocks and herds that had been captured from Amalek. He thought that God would not mind if he disobeyed God for a good purpose (1 Sam. 15:15). Surely God would understand and have to agree.

Saul also spared King Agag, along with his family. One of his family eventually produced Haman, the Agagite. A biblical judge can only release a man from the law's judgment if he is willing to take upon himself the responsibility (liability) for the sin of the sinner. (This is what Jesus did in order to set us free.) By this principle, Saul took on the liability of Agag's Cursed Time judgment.

Fortunately for Saul, however, Samuel executed Agag (1 Sam. 15:33). This modified Saul's liability from Cursed Time to Judged Time (i.e., "late obedience"). If Samuel had not done this, Saul would have died in Agag's place by the hand of God. Instead, Saul's judgment was modified from 414 to 434, which is the factor of Judged Time in prophecy.

Saul was taken off of Amalek's time cycle and placed upon Israel's cycle of Judged Time that had begun when the 10 spies gave an evil report and delayed Israel's entry into the Promised Land. That had occurred in the year 2450 from Adam. Saul died 434 years later in the year 2884, which was his 40th year.

Men do not understand the long-term judgments of God, and they misunderstand the purpose of grace. When God's grace delays judgment beyond a few years or a generation, they think God has forgotten it altogether. Then when the time ends and judgment is carried out, they always seem surprised and question God's justice.

The main lesson of this incident in the life of Saul is that Saul adopted the spirit of Amalek, which is the spirit of greed--the love of money. As a type of Pentecostal leader, he also set the pattern for the Church under Pentecost in the past 40 Jubilee cycles. We see this same spirit of greed operating in many Church leaders even today. This, more than anything, has disqualified them from ruling in the Tabernacles Age to come.

The spirit of Amalek resurfaced in the time of Esther. No one knows for sure which Persian king was ruling at the time. The biblical account knows him as Ahasuerus, but kings often were known by a variety of names. This name is unknown in any of the records of Persia. Most believe it was King Xerxes, who ruled for 20 years from 485-465 B.C.

I personally find it interesting that the year 2012 is 6 x 414 years after the year 473 B.C. This was the 13th year of Xerxes, and I suspect that it was the year that Haman was judged in the book of Esther. If so, then the Divine Deliverance Prayer Campaign at Purim of 2012 would be directly linked to the completion of divine judgment upon Haman and Amalek.

Amalek has been given a long grace period in which to repent. They are without excuse. The Rothschild banking empire of Amalek is under siege from the Kings of the East, and it will fall soon. The prayer campaign on March 8-9, 2012 is the time where the overcomers are to be led by Yahweh-nissi into spiritual warfare against Amalek.

The only ones who can truly win this war are those whose hearts have been cleansed of the spirit of Amalek, which is the love of money. During this prayer campaign, it is likely that many (if not all of us) will be confronted with some sort of test in this area of our lives. For some, the test will be easy; for others it may be difficult. It really depends upon how we have dealt with this issue in past years.

Spiritual warfare is won within the confines of one's own heart. But because each of us is part of the larger body--for whom we are interceding--our personal victories benefit the whole body.

This battle has one other main issue. Not only is it directed against the love of money, but it is also directed against the spirit of revenge. I suggest that if you have not yet read my books on Romans, that you read chapter 12 of Volume 2. It is entitled, "Overcoming by Love." It is posted online here:


You will see how the apostle Paul deals with the topic of revenge and how the divine law treats it as well. Lev. 19:18 says, "You shall not take vengeance." In Deut. 32:35 God says, "Vengeance is Mine." God's vengeance is done from a heart of love and true justice. When man judges by his own carnal mind, he always falls sort of God's expectations.

God's "vengeance" is simply the application of justice as His law prescribes. It is not evil. If we have the mind of Christ, we can qualify as "avengers of blood," those called as guardians to protect the innocent. Read the book above.

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