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Occupy the Vatican movement

Mar 10, 2012

I find this interesting, because April 1 and 8 coincide with our watch dates in the near future. I have not said much about this yet, because we have focused on the prayer campaign on Purim. But we are also watching March 18, April 1, and April 8.

Back in 1983, my Reconciliation Trip began on March 10 and ended April 8. April 1st was also important, as it represented a real breakthrough in spiritual warfare while I was in Washington state.


Survivors of church terror and their allies are taking direct action against the world’s oldest and most ruthless criminal, starting Palm Sunday, April 1....

Joining this Occupy movement will be traditional indigenous elders in Canada from the Mohawk, Squamish and Ojibway nations who survived Catholic and Protestant “Indian residential schools”, and who will be issuing new banishment orders to evict these churches from their lands.

In Ireland, plans are afoot to conduct “public defrockings” of known child raping priests who the authorities refuse to prosecute.

“We won’t let these bastards pose as men of God anymore, or practice in our communities. We’ll toss them out of the churches on their ass” described Colm O’Brien of Wexford, a member of Occupy the Vatican Ireland.

In Rome, Occupy supporters plan to create a human “exorcism” chain around the Vatican on Easter Sunday, April 8, to “expel the spirit of lies and violence” from the church...

“Let everyone do something on April 1 and April 8 to end the reign of terror of this false church.”

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