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Mar 15, 2012

In Part 2 of The Mandate of Heaven, I want to clarify this statement, least there be any misunderstanding:

The descendants of the emperors understand the Mandate of Heaven, and they have been working behind the scenes to prove themselves worthy of regaining that Mandate. They seem to understand quite well that the Mandate cannot be won by force, but by promising benevolence and wise rule.

I was speaking about the descendants of the emperors--not the current Communist government of China. The last emperor was deposed in 1912. The dynasty was replaced by the new Republic of China, led by Sun Yat Sen. The Republic was largely overthrown in the 1949 by Mao Zedong, but the Republic itself continued to function on the island of Taiwan.

The descendants of the Qing and other dynasties have desired to return to their former positions of power. They are not the same as the Communist government of China, nor even the government of Taiwan. They are emperors without empire, comparable to many European monarchs who no longer rule European nations as kings.

At any rate, the descendants of the Chinese emperors have united in an alliance to work toward the re-establishment of their rule. They are the ones who believe that they lost the Mandate of Heaven because of misrule, and that they can only regain it "by promising benevolence and wise rule."

In my view, prophecy is on their side, and that in the end they will recognize Jesus Christ as the giver of that Mandate.

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