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Brother Vinnie's 999 dream

Mar 12, 2012

This is an email that Vinnie sent out last year:

Hello Dinar Family, 

Lord willing we are finally at the close of this journey and should be 
celebrating shortly. Please prayerfully read all of the below and ask the Holy 
Spirit for confirmation. I welcome your thoughts and interpretations. 

I had a dream about a month ago but did not want to share it for concern that I 
could be construed as using the prophetic to manipulate sales. I also wanted to 
protect my own heart and stay pure. This is not a "thus saith the Lord", but I 
am simply going to share the dream and the corresponding events today. Before I 
do, let me give a little background. 

About 2 years ago, a prophetic word came forth about the coming ministry of 
Elisha [April 12, 2009]. Shortly after, Dr. Jones had a "thought", that the signs of Elisha 
would start coming forth consecutively. They have, just as he thought. I have 
been privileged to be part of that process, as Dr. Jones was at our home church 
meeting, about a year and a half ago, when I first met him, as I taught on the 
next sign he was looking for, Elisha, the widow and two sons and the miracle of 
the flowing oil into the vessels (II Kings 4) There were other confirmations 
here in our home and in Pensacola, ending with the number 8 sign, "Death in the 
Pot" as portrayed by the Gulf Oil Spill. We have been stuck at number 8 for 
sometime. You can go through Dr Jones' weblog archives for more on this. 

The 9th sign is the multiplication of the bread in Elisha's ministry-- which is 
the RV of the dinar. This corresponds with John 6 and the multiplication of the 
bread as well. In that passage we read in vs 7; "Philip answered him, Two 
hundred pennyworth of bread is not sufficient for them, that every one of them 
may take a little
". The Greek word for Pennyworth, or Pence (as in Pence-acola) 
is denarius where we get dinar from. Pretty cool. Anyway, for brevity, let's 
agree that the RV is the 9th sign we are looking for, which brings me to the 
dream and today's signs. 

In my dream, my wife, Joy, grabs my hand and excitedly rushes me to play a game, 
which looks like a pinball game. As soon as we run up to it, it goes off--DING 
DING DING. Even before I played, I won. Four sets of 3 words, for a total of 
twelve start flashing--DINAR, DINAR, DINAR--DINAR DINAR, DINAR--DINAR, DINAR, DINAR--DINAR,DINAR,DINAR!!! I also instantly knew that each DINAR represented the number 9. So, it was like seeing, 999-999-999-999. 

Now the prophetic significance of this is simply remarkable. The number 9 means 
fruitfulness, which is the Joseph mandate that Dr Jones has been expounding on 
for sometime. On a personal level, it is complete fruitfulness, body, soul and 
spirit. On a corporate level, it is fruitfulness going to the 4 corners of the 
earth-the harvest. Remember there were 4 sets of three. Then the number 12 is 
divine government (4x3=12). 

How's this for an interpretation: The Divine government of God is coming to the 
earth to reap a mighty harvest of souls with great fruitfulness and wealth. 
This is the Joseph mandate. Pretty cool! It gets better. 

Today, I finally decided to put my dinar in a safety deposit box. Guess what 
the number is on my box....................999, just like in my dream, 999! 
Crazy. I nearly passed out in the vault. Remember, 9 is dinar in my dream as 
is also the 9th sign of Elisha. 

So, I quickly called my friend, Dr, Jones, who was beside himself as well. It 
gets better,. I called him again just before I start to write this email. He 
laughingly tells me, that when he went to his email to reply to me, the number 
on his email account is, your guessed it.............999! This is wild. 

Lastly, he sent me this: 

By the way, 999 and 9999 are the codes in the early days of programming to 
signify the end of a run or the end of a program or the end of a system. He also 
shared, that the gematria (numerical value of the Hebrew and Greek) of "In the 
beginning God
" totals 999. 

Looks like this is the end!

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