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Another chance to bless

Mar 27, 2012

Last year, while on vacation in North Carolina, President Obama paid a visit to Billy Graham. According to his own account, they prayed for each other, and after this, Mr. Obama says that he has often gotten down on his knees and prayed.

He mentioned this at the National Prayer Breakfast on Feb. 2, 2012.


On this U-Tube link, you can hear Jackie Evancho sing The Lord's Prayer for the Kingdom to be established on the earth.

I understand that the President is not perfect, and I do not agree with many of his policies. Nonetheless, he has a role to play in the divine plan, a role that even he is only dimly aware of. But his name Barack, is tied to today's message from the book of James. Keep in mind that the Hebrew word barak can mean either to bless or to curse. I believe that in his case, God will turn a curse into a blessing. Or we may find that the curse itself is turned into a blessing.

The Israelite judge Barak delivered Israel from the Canaanite captivity (Judges 4 and 5). We may find that our President by the same name will be used of God to do the same. A Canaanite is defined as a "merchant or banker." God is currently delivering us from the banking system, and it appears that He is doing so during the administration of Barack Obama.

God has ways of causing the royal knees to bow, as we see in the case of Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon (Dan. 4:34-37). The sovereignty of God means that kings have no power to resist the divine plan when its time has come. Jesus said in Matt. 12:37, "For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned."

Mr. Obama's words are therefore significant, regardless of his own will, for we often see that God uses men of all stripes to prophesy inadvertently.

This is not a political endorsement. I am merely watching the President to see how the plan of God is unfolding. I seldom like what goes on in Washington, but I recognize that in the end every form of Babylon will bow the knee to Jesus Christ.

Be blessed! And listen to Jackie's song to be blessed further.

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