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Timothy Geithner testifies about possible illegal coverup in the AIG bailout

Feb 29, 2012

On February 27, 2012, Benjamin Fulford reported:

"As predicted, the collapse of the Satan worshipping financial mafia is accelerating. U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner was detained for questioning by New York police on February 24th and was released after giving evidence about many high level financial criminals, according to New York police sources. “In most cases we have to slap people to get them to talk but in his case we had to slap him to shut him up,” one of the interrogators joked. Geithner has been released but is accompanied at all times by an armed deputy to make sure he does not leave the country. Former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi of Italy is also proving to be very talkative, sources in Europe say. Berlusconi has been released....

"Apart from Geithner and Berlusconi, the talking big fish include members of the Rothschild family who have come forth with startling information....

"Geithner has already told the police that both he and Obama work for Bush. The Bushes, like Geithner and others are not allowed to leave the US now."

I have no way of verifying how much of this is true, but I like to keep my ears open to what various people are saying. Fox News did verify the Geithner police interview, as reported by Bloomberg News. The legal case is explained here by Judge Napolitano, being interviewed by Fox News:

It looks like we may be near to some very high-level arrests in the political and financial world. Reports are circulating of over 100 resignations by top officials and CEO's since last September. I do not know what the "normal" figure would be for a 5-month period such as this, so I have no way of measuring the rate of recent resignations. Nonetheless, it appears that we are moving toward a real crisis point.

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