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Riots in Greece, the beginning of the end of Babylon

Feb 13, 2012


"The delays have our imprint. We should not blame foreigners for them," she said. "We have finally found out that you have to pay back what you have borrowed."

When banks have the right to create money out of nothing, I suggest they should be repaid in kind.

The modern Babylonian captivity was established on the idea that money creation should be privatized. This gives banks a money tree in their back yard. They pick money off the tree and loan it to governments at interest.

There is no logical reason why a government should not keep the money tree under its own control and ownership. Giving away the right to create money is the real source of the national debt. As long as the nations could pay the interest payments, people did not complain much, but it was inevitable that the system would fail as soon as the debts reached critical mass. The Western world reached this point just as the economy began to crash.

This meant that the nations could no longer collect enough taxes to pay back the debt. And the level of debt was so high that the banks lost confidence in the ability of the nations (like Greece) to pay the interest.

There are always consequences when men or nations violate any of the laws of God. In this case, it is the law against usury (interest on money) that was violated. The consequences of such sin will correct all of us at some point, as we discover first hand the end results of our sin.

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Dr. Stephen Jones

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