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Executive Resignations and Suicides

Feb 21, 2012

Here is list of bankers and CEO's who have resigned in the past few months:

The latest casualty from Olympus is an apparent "suicide.":

The Olympus scandal first went public last October 14th in Japan. It has only gotten worse as more and more corruption has surfaced.

It appears that the final battles against the old Babylonian power structures are finally reaching critical mass. Out with the old; in with the new. Everyone has a different idea about how to replace the old structure, but in my view this is all prophesied in terms of King Cyrus of Persia and King Darius of Media. In other words, there will be many (mostly) non-Christians involved in the overthrow of Babylon, because that is their assigned role in this divine plan. Many will think they are establishing some form of "New Age" according to their understanding.

They will be pleasantly surprised to see the Kingdom of God emerge.

Many Christians, on the other hand, are expecting the rise of the Antichrist, so many of them will be alarmed, thinking this is it. But perhaps the failure of the rapture to materialize will put a large crack in their prophetic understanding, and they will then search for alternate solutions.

Be ready to help them out.

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Dr. Stephen Jones

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