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Watch dates for February

Jan 31, 2012

Last month I reported that January was like a prophetic Passover month, being the first month on our calendar.

The main event that we saw took place on January 14, which is like Abib 14 on the Hebrew calendar--the day that the Passover lambs were to be killed. On January 14 the Costa Concordia luxury cruise liner sank "like the Titanic."

This cruise liner's decks were each named for countries in the Eurozone, as the ship was meant to represent "concord" (harmony) between the nations. The ship thus represents Europe, and it seems to me that this was a sign of the collapse of the Euro or the Eurozone itself as we know it.

Keep in mind that in the laws of (spiritual) warfare, it is required that peace ("concord") has to be offered prior to an attack (Deut. 20:10). In this case, concord was sunk. It was a sign of a rejected peace.

A similiar thing happened back on July 25, 2000, when the airliner known as the Concorde crashed in Paris, killing 114. The pilot's name was Christian Marti ("Martyr"). When I heard the news, I heard the Spirit say, "Peace has been taken from the earth." On the same day, the Mideast peace talks collapsed between the Israelis and Palestinians over control of Jerusalem.

We understood at the time that we could see this sign come to the surface 414 days later. That would be Sept. 11, 2001. That is the day peace was taken from the earth, and it was obvious to us that this was the start of the final war in the Mideast that would culminate with the destruction of Jerusalem as per Jeremiah 19:11.

So this year on Jan. 14, 2012, a type of Passover, we see this as primarily a sign regarding Europe, although this would certainly affect everyone else as well. They keep trying to fix the debt crisis, putting patch after patch upon it, but in the end, I believe they will fail.

If this has been a "January Passover," then February represents the Second Passover (Num. 9:11). So the watch dates in the coming month are:

Feb. 10, the selection of the lamb; crossing the Jordan (Joshua 4:19)
Feb. 14/15, Passover
Feb. 19, the Wave-sheaf offering (barley)

To this we must also add February 5, because it is 576 days (2 x 288) after July 9, 2010. Recall that July 9, 2010 was when we were led to cast barley into the headwaters of the Mississippi River as per the 8th sign of Elisha (2 Kings 4:41). This was done by the leading of the Spirit to resolve the problem of "death in the (gulf) basin" due to the Gulf oil spill. That oil well was then capped 144 hours later on July 15.

Well, this means Feb. 5 is directly connected by an important time cycle to the barley being cast into the waters in 2010. It is 2 x 288 days, or 4 x 144 days later. So we must take seriously the possibility that we might see the 9th sign of Elisha take place on Feb. 5. Because that 9th sign also involves barley (2 Kings 4:42), we believe that this sign should take place on some day that is connected to barley.

February 5 is the next known date that is connected to barley. February 10 is also a possibility, because the Jordan crossing runs parallel to the Red Sea crossing. The Red Sea crossing was commemorated as the wave-sheaf offering of barley and prophesied of Jesus' resurrection.

I do not think that Feb. 14 or 15 will see the 9th sign of Elisha, because it is not specifically connected to barley. However, we may see other appropriate events take place then.

The final date of Feb. 19 is the wave-sheaf offering by this reasoning, as it is the first Sunday after the Second Passover, Feb. 14/15.

These are the possibilities, if the 9th sign of Elisha is going to play out in February. If not, we may have to wait for April or May at the regular Passover celebrations according to the Hebrew calendar.

As most of you know, if you have followed these weblogs for at least a few months, the 9th sign of Elisha is the multiplation of the barley bread in 2 Kings 4:42-44. It runs directly parallel to Jesus' multiplication of the barley bread in John 6, an event that took place on the wave-sheaf offering shortly after the execution of John the Baptist.

We believe that its fulfillment will be seen in the revaluation of the Iraqi dinar, which will multiply the "bread."

If any are interested in purchasing dinar, you may obtain it from my good friend, Vincent Imperial, by calling him at:


I understand he is also offering a special price on larger orders of at least 5 million dinar. But he is certainly willing to sell smaller amounts of dinar to those who want it.

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