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War with Iran now planned for the Spring

Jan 04, 2012

It appears that the new timeline for war with Iran is this coming Spring.

Most people are unaware that economic sanctions are the first step toward war. The US government did this to Japan in the last great war, cutting off their oil supplies from Southeast Asia. This had the desired effect of inducing Japan to attack Pearl Harbor, so that we could claim that "they started it." The so-called "sneak attack" was known by all the top generals except the one in charge of Pearl Harbor. He was kept in the dark in order to be the scapegoat.

So we are now using the same tactics on Iran. Since we don't want to be labeled as the ones who started the war, it is imperative that we simply goad Iran into attacking one of our ships first. And if they don't fall for this trick, we'll probably just do what we did in the Spanish-American War, World War 1, and the VietNam war--we'll sink one of our own ships and blame it on the other guys.

War is dirty business. War justifies all lies, murders, and thefts. Of course, God is not impressed with our attempts to justify sin. Not even when governments do this.

This war, however, is going to have an outcome that most are not expecting. I believe we will see the fulfillment of my 1986 vision of the two Gulf Wars. The first was fulfilled perfectly in 1991. The second appears to be imminent. You can read about it here:

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Dr. Stephen Jones

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