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The Church-Rothschild Unholy Alliance

Jan 07, 2012

"The Holy Alliance" of 1815 was preceded by a rather unholy alliance many years earlier between the Jesuits and the Freemasons. The popes themselves denounced the Freemasons often, but Papal threats of excommunication affected only the faithful. Those whose intent it was to infiltrate the Roman Church only laughed at the threats.

Yet there was another member of this unholy alliance that would prove to be even more dangerous. It was the Jewish money power--possibly by Sabbateans, who were themselves a semi-secret Jewish sect. Their founder's conversion to Islam in 1666 was forced by threats of torture and death, so he "converted" in the same manner that many Jews had converted to the Roman Church. Shabbatai Zevi's conversion was really an infiltration of Islam, which still has ramifications to this day.

Hence, the beast arising from the earth in Rev. 13:11 is said to resemble a lamb, but spoke like a dragon. It was a counterfeit messianic movement.

According to William Guy Carr, a Canadian Naval Commander during WW2, Adam Weishaupt was funded by Moses Mendelssohn, a very wealthy Jewish banker in his acquaintance.  Why would a wealthy Jewish banker fund a Jesuit founder of the Illuminati? They had something in common--the desire for power, and a hatred for the Roman Church.

Amschel Bauer (Rothschild) was still a rather poor antique and coin dealer in 1776 when the Illuminati was founded. It was not until 1785 that Bauer met and developed a relationship with Prince William IX of Landgrave, who had come to the throne in that year. His relationship with the Prince was the key to his later wealth.

Amschel Bauer Rothschild was not a real factor in the French Revolution itself. It appears to have been the brainchild of Moses Mendelssohn, who died in 1786 three years before the start of the Revolution. Nesta Webster writes in Secret Societies and Subversive Movements, page 230,

"Whether, then, Weishaupt was directly inspired by Mendelssohn or any other Jew must remain for the present an open question. But the Jewish connexions of certain other Illuminati cannot be disputed. The most important of these was Mirabeau, who arrived in Berlin just after the death of Mendelssohn and was welcomed by his disciples in the Jewish salon of Henrietta Herz. It was these Jews, 'ardent supporters of the French Revolution' at its outset, who prevailed on Mirabeau to write his great apology for their race under the form of a panegyric of Mendelssohn."

Though Freemasonry itself was thought to be as anti-Jewish as it was anti-Catholic, it was neither--except perhaps among those in the lower degrees. The Jewish Encyclopedia itself says in its article on Freemasonry, "Jews have been most conspicuous in connexion with Freemasonry in France since the Revolution."

In 1794 Bauer also met Karl Buderus, who tutored William's illegitimate children. Buderus recommended that Bauer be allowed to join a firm bidding for the sale of English bills. Bauer was finally accepted in 1796. This was stated by Niall Fergusson in his book, The House of Rothschild, Vol. 1, page 62. He also says on page 45,

"At the beginning of the 1790s, Mayer Amschel Rothschild was no more than a prosperous antique-dealer. By 1797 he was one of the richest Jews in Frankfurt, and a central part of his business was unmistakably banking."

Finally, after Napoleon's defeat, the Congress of Vienna met to redraw the boundaries of European nations according to "The Holy Alliance." Niall Ferguson again writes on page 16 of Vol. 1 of The House of Rothschild, "the Rothschilds were notoriously the 'chief ally of the Holy Alliance'."

Therefore, it is clear that Napoleon was not the only one to arise out of the French Revolution. The House of Rothschild also rose to a position of wealth and prominence within 20 years. But whereas Napoleon lost power at Waterloo in 1815, the Rothschilds made a fortune out of his loss. Nathan Rothschild personally observed the battle from a safe place, and when the outcome was certain, he crossed the English Channel in a storm that night, and arrived at the London Exchange the following morning.

He arrived with a worried look on his face and began dumping stocks. Everyone knew he had seen the outcome of Waterloo, and they assumed that Napoleon had beaten the English general, Wellington. This started a selling frenzy, and stock prices collapsed. What they did not know was that Rothschild's agents were buying stocks as fast as he sold them. When the news arrived of Wellington's victory over Napoleon, everyone knew that they had been tricked. Stock prices returned to their normal high, and Nathan Rothschild is said to have quadrupled his portfolio within a day.

Niall Ferguson writes further in Vol. 1, page 6,

"Indeed, it can be argued that, by modifying the existing system for government borrowing to make bonds more easily tradable, the Rothschilds actually created the international bond market in its modern form."

This is the international bond market that is in trouble today. "Government borrowing" is now the leading cause of the economic problems in Europe and America. The "international bond market" is dangerously close to collapse, due to the threat of default by Greece, Italy, and Spain.

In the early 1800's, the Rothschilds came to dominate the governments of Europe by the power of money and loans. In doing so, the power of money replaced the spiritual power that the Roman Church had enjoyed over the European monarchs in past centuries. Hence, Rev. 13:12 says of this new beast, "And he exercises [poieo, "acquired"] all the authority of the first beast in his presence."

Yet at the same time, the Rothschilds had allied themselves with the Roman Church in an unholy "Holy Alliance." The Rothschilds became the bankers of the Church as well as of the monarchs. The Rothschilds had little interest in changing men's religious affiliation, and so Rev. 13:12 continues, "And he makes the earth and those who dwell in it to worship the first beast, whose fatal wound was healed."

The Holy Alliance has made it difficult for historians to figure out who exactly is in control of this beast. Some say it is the Vatican; others say it is the Rothschilds. In my view, these two represent the two beasts of Revelation 13, and although both continue to function, the second beast has dominion over the first beast whose deadly wound was healed.

Throughout the 1800's, the Revolutionary Movement evolved into various forms of Socialism, perhaps culminating in 1848 with Karl Marx's treatise, The Communist Manifesto. While they gained popularity by promising equality and prosperity to the masses, the real goal was to overthrow the authority of the monarchs and the spiritual authority of Rome. Their desire was to gain hidden power over the monarchs and the popes.

So in spite of the Holy Alliance, the two beasts continued to fight each other for dominance. But the Church's power had receded since its fatal head wound and its power continued to be eroded. Finally, the Pope lost the Papal States, and a united Italy was formed in 1861, ruled by King Victor Emmanuel. In 1870 the king took control of Rome itself, and the Pope was reduced to the 70 acres of the Vatican itself. It was another near-fatal head wound.

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