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The Bill Wood Interview

Jan 20, 2012


This is a long 2 hour and 30 minute video interview with "Bill Wood" (not his real name). He is an ex Navy SEAL who was in the military from 1991-2001. He gives some very interesting details of the things that he was personally involved in during those years, particularly the covert operations that were going on between the Gulf War (1991) and the invasion of Iraq in 2003. His expertise was in guiding Tomahawk missiles to their precise targets--usually buildings in Iraq--during the time when America was not officially at war with Iraq.

This also gives us a glimpse into the covert war already going on with Iran in preparation for a formal attack. How long the Iranians will hold off attacking us in the face of such covert attacks is hard to know. America has to goad Iran into attacking one or more of our aircraft carriers sent there as sacrificial lambs, so that the American people will DEMAND a war of revenge against Iran. If this happens, it will be a virtual repeat of Pearl Harbor.

The interview is conducted by the same person who interviewed David Wilcock on the radio last month when his life was being threatened.

He gave this interview after the government passed the law giving itself permission to arrest American citizens without trial and hold them indefinitely at Guantanamo. He says that this was the final end of the Constitution as we know it. All it now awaits is a false flag event, probably centered around the coming war with Iran, which will then give the government an excuse to arrest whoever opposes their war plans for any reason.

The most astounding material is given in the final half hour. He reveals why certain bad guys are absolutely frightened by what they see coming in 2012. Or rather, it is the fact that they cannot see beyond 2012, despite their technology. I was most interested in his statement that by the end of 2012, we would have what he calls "an awakening."

My FFI for November 2011, which I wrote at the end of last October, was entitled "2012: The Year of the Awakening." I show that we are entering into a new era where we must be about our Father's business. From my perspective, the future is very good. While there will no doubt be disruptions in the world, and most likely a disastrous war in the Mideast, these are birth pangs into a new time of world evangelism and a tremendous outpouring of the Spirit.

"Bill Wood" is apparently not a believer in Christ. So he does not have the same hope that we do. He gives no evidence of understanding Bible prophecy or the purpose of God, so his material might be somewhat alarming to an average person. But this is why I focus upon the divine plan. It is the source of our hope and expectation of the downfall of the present world system and the rise of the Stone Kingdom.

Keep that in mind if you have time to listen to this interview. (Click on the link and scroll down to the picture. Click on the picture of Bill Wood to hear the interview.)

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