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Report--The funds to revitalize the American economy finally unfrozen

Jan 30, 2012


Here is an article dated January 28 explaining briefly how President Reagan's greatest legacy was to obtain trillions of dollars to revitalize the American economy. He put one of his trusted ambassadors in charge of the funds, Leo Wanta.

But then certain powerful political and financial men decided to steal the money instead.

Until now.

After over 20 years of theft and murder, President Obama is said to have signed the papers to unfreeze these funds and use them for the original purpose. Most of the $27 Trillion is already gone, having been stolen and much of it paid out in bribes that will never be recovered. Nonetheless, there are still trillions available in the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond in Virginia.

When you heard news stories about the Federal Reserve making secret loans to the crooked ”bail out banks” that weren’t authorized by congress, they were lending out the $7.2 trillion “Wanta dollars” ordered paid by President Obama and the Federal Courts.

If you wondered how the Federal Reserve, that couldn’t print a few billion dollars without authorization from congress, lent out trillions that technically didn’t exist with no permission at all and there was no investigation, no questions asked and the story forgotten a day later, you will begin to understand by the end of this.

You will be extremely upset and angry also....At one point, Wanta was put in a mental institution. He gave the psychiatrist a telephone number to call. Vice President Al Gore answered and confirmed Wanta’s identity.

Vice President Gore also confirmed that he had been informed that Lee Wanta was dead. When Gore learned Wanta was alive in the room, we suspect this is why Wanta is here and the Reagan/Ameritrust program is coming back to life.

This is all part of a bigger picture describing the fall of Mystery Babylon. It is not that we will see a collapse of the world's financial system, but that it will be taken over by a new set of people, with new safeguards in place--as insisted by the kings of the east.

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