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Photos of the 1934 bonds and prophetic implications

Jan 13, 2012

I have talked about the bonds that are now past due, issued in 1934, 1938, and the Kennedy bonds in 1963. To see what these bonds actually look like, go to:


This site apparently questions some of these bonds, thinking they may be CIA forgeries. Perhaps some of them are. I am in no position to know. However, a forgery can only exist if there are real bonds to forge. Counterfeits require something real to counterfeit.

Now one would think that when such bonds come due, the genuine ones would be cashed in. The problem is that the Federal Reserve thus far has called ALL of them forgeries, refusing to cash them in. No one dares to try to cash them in, because those who try are thrown into prison. No nation up to now has been powerful enough to demand that the Federal Reserve fulfill its obligations.

That is now changing, however, because China is coming into a position of economic and military power to force the Fed to comply with the law and pay its debts. Of course, it cannot do so. It is bankrupt, because all of the money was transferred to the individual bankers' accounts to enrich the Babylonian rulers of the West.

Most of this wealth is in off-book accounts. Take note of the astronomical figures in the letter from the head of the "Committee of 300", as reported by Fulford.


If you read the fine print, you will see that most of the figures are in the trillions of dollars, and many are in the quadrillions. This money is created out of nothing and ought to return to its origin. It is the result of giving the power to create money to the private banking families in 1913. They used it as a money tree, gave the money to themselves, and then took it out of circulation so it would not cause the value of money to drop. The accumulation of money has no end, because greed is never satisfied.

Recall the story of John D. Rockefeller, who was asked how much more money he wanted to accumulate. He replied, "Just one more million."

Those who loaned gold to the Fed decades ago have found that the Fed is now bankrupt and cannot repay, because the money was stolen by the bankers and financiers themselves. So how do they get their money? They cannot merely foreclose upon the Fed. It requires an entire reset of the banking system. It requires deleting most of the zeros from those figures in the hidden bank accounts and bringing the new banking system out into the open.

This obviously will not be done by the Fed or the EU, apart from some serious pressure from the East.

To my knowledge, things began to change in 1994, the year following our Jubilee Prayer Campaign (Nov. 21-29, 1993). This was based on the law dealing with the purchase of urban property that is found in Lev. 25:29 and 30. Babylon is "that great city." Our prayer campaign, in essence, purchased or annexed Babylon for the Kingdom. But according to the divine law, we could not actually begin to take possession of it for a full year. As I wrote in The Wars of the Lord, chapter 12,

"We 'bought' or redeemed Babylon from its obligation, or debt that was not payable. Yet because Babylon is urban property, the 'Babylonians' had a full year in which to redeem their city. In such cases, those who have purchased urban property cannot do much with the property until the year has passed, when the transaction is finalized. This is how we came to understand that we were to watch the events of Nov. 29, 1994--one year after the end of the Jubilee Prayer Campaign."

Hence, we saw the signs of this Babylonian "tree" being cut down, according to the prophecy in Daniel 4. It occurred 12 months later to the day (Dan. 4:29) when Washington was "defoliated" by Tom Nethercutt. That is, the Speaker of the House, Tom Foley, resigned from his position on Nov. 29, 1994 after being defeated in that election by Tom Nethercutt, whose name means "a lower cut."

Those were the signs that we saw at the time. They confirmed what God was doing behind the scenes, most of which was yet hidden from our eyes. Today the rest of the picture is coming to light.

Tom Foley's resignation came immediately after he finished bragging about the GATT Treaty that had just been passed by the House.


We understood that this would be a major factor in the overthrow of Babylon. We saw it as opening up "free trade" that would bring down the economy as manufacturing jobs would soon be sent overseas to countries with cheap labor. The full effects of this were seen by the year 2000, and today the number of employees in America working in manufacturing is about the same as it was in 1940.

China has benefited greatly from this free trade policy. Its cheap labor means that whatever can be done by people will be. High-tech robotics cost more than manpower, so this employs a great many people there. In our country, thanks largely to labor unions, cost of labor has risen dramatically, making it more cost effective to replace people with machinery and robots. Our productivity per person is thus very high, but so is unemployment. We found ourselves priced out of the market when we had to compete with the workers in low-income nations.

What we did not see back in 1993-1994 was that China's new economic power would be the very means by which God would topple Babylon. Nonetheless, we did engage in a series of prayer campaigns from 1996-1999 called The Dragon Wars, in which we subdued the Red Dragon. There were aspects to this prayer campaign that I was not free to discuss in public, but we did understand that we had, in essence, "bought China for the Kingdom of God."

In other words, these prayer campaigns were not designed to fight China, but to set the nation free to become part of the Kingdom of God. So do not be surprised to see many positive changes come about in China itself in the coming year(s). The final overthrow of Babylon will change the whole world, and even if some destruction takes place (probably localized in the Mideast), along with economic disruptions, keep in mind that these are birthpangs of the Kingdom of God.

China is God's primary agent in this present time. It is no coincidence that its old name was The Celestial Empire, i.e., The Heavenly Kingdom. America means the same thing. Chinese laborers were sent to America to help build the railroads:

The Central Pacific's grade was constructed primarily by many thousands of emigrant workers from China who were commonly referred to at the time as "Celestials" and China as the "Celestial Kingdom."


China has taken an interest in America for a very long time, and the prophetic connections are just now being revealed. Only the Babylonians have reason to fear China. We prayed to set China free, so that they could, in turn, rise up as kings of the east to set us free.

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