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Passover sign fulfilled, watch for resurrection signs ahead

Jan 15, 2012

Last evening, the New England Patriots beat the Denver Broncos (and Tim Tebow) by a score of 45-10. The score was never even close. Tom Brady was at his best; Tim Tebow, it seems couldn't do much at all.

The fact that it occurred on the night of the 14th of January made this a Passover watch date, and I wondered if we might see a Passover lamb here. "Tebow" is T-bow, or a Crossbow, and it looked to me like God was setting him up to be crucified as a Passover lamb.

That is what I meant when I wrote yesterday in "Football Signs,"

This being a Passover season, though, it occurs to me that we might see a Passover lamb sacrificed at the hands of the wicked. If so, you can be sure that it will all turn out for good.

The sign implies, then, that we should watch for a resurrection sign either on the third day (Monday) or, more likely, next Sunday, which corresponds to the wave-sheaf offering after Passover.

Denver scored 10 points. Ten is the number of the Law, by which Christ was crucified. Recall that Aslan was killed by witchcraft in operation on the stone Table (of the law).

Years ago when Denver won two Superbowl titles under John Elway, we took note that their mascot, Thunder, was a type of the White Horse in Revelation 19. In other words, it had to do with the second coming of Christ--not the first, when He rode into Jerusalem on an ass. Tebow, the Crossbow, seems to be pictured in Rev. 6:2, the one coming on a white horse carrying a bow. He comes to conquer. Hence, when we picture him as a type of Christ, first being crucified, and then conquering death by resurrection, he appears to be playing this role quite well.

The first coming of Christ, as you all know, was to play the role of Judah, the dead lion, lying down all bloodied, as pictured in Gen. 49:9. The second coming of Christ is to play the role of Joseph, the inheritor of the birthright. Judah gives way to Joseph, as Gen. 49:10 indicates: "The Scepter shall not depart from Judah... until Shiloh comes." Shiloh later was a town in the tribe of Ephraim, son of Joseph. Likewise, Joseph's dreams indicated that all the brothers, including Judah, would eventually bow down to him.

So the score of 45-10 is also significant. 45 has to do with inheritance, and 10 is the law. Christ dies on the tables of the law, but the issue is His Inheritance. In His first appearance, the portion of His inheritance that was disputed was His throne rights through Judah and David. In the second coming, the dispute is over the birthright and the birthright name, "Israel." This comes through Joseph, whose robe was dipped in blood (Rev. 19:13).

It looks like our January Passover (1l/14) is marking the sign of what has been happening already for many years--the usurping of Joseph's birthright--all played out in a normal football game on the surface, where the players are totally unaware of how they are prophesying. If this is how we are to take it, then the news is good. We ought to see resurrection signs shortly and in the coming year.

This is, after all, the Year of the Awakening.

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Dr. Stephen Jones

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