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Half of Wall Street might go to jail

Jan 30, 2012


Taibbi: Good foreclosure deal could open the door to ending up with half of wall street in jail

"If they do this for real, if they do this like an Enron-style investigation, you could have half the luminaries on Wall Street doing prison time.... They all made enormous profits from selling mismarked and over-evaluated mortgages to unsuspecting investors," Taibbi said.

Be sure to watch the 4-minute video (+ half minute commercial).

Remember that in 2007, shortly after the end of our 13-year Jubilee Prayer Campaign to bring down the Wall Street of Jericho, the subprime mortgage scandal began to bring down the Babylonian financial system. It appears that the way has now been cleared to prosecute virtually all of the big banks and half of wall street.

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