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Football Signs of the Times

Jan 14, 2012

It appears that in recent weeks Tim Tebow's Christianity has become an issue with the secularists, talk show hosts, and Saturday Night Live. For some reason they feel it necessary to poke fun at him. Fortunately, he is a Christian and not a Muslim, otherwise, there would be hell to pay.

Now even the witches of Salem, Massachusetts are doing their part by supporting Tom Brady of the New England Patriots.


I take hexes and curses seriously, of course, because I understand and respect spiritual power and warfare. Take a moment and pray for Tebow's protection and for the perfect will of God to be done without interference.

This being a Passover season, though, it occurs to me that we might see a Passover lamb sacrificed at the hands of the wicked. If so, you can be sure that it will all turn out for good. We could argue either way for the outcome of the coming game, but in the end, we will just have to watch and see what happens.

It's just that the entry of the witches into the fray is turning this game into some kind of serious sign of the times.

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Dr. Stephen Jones

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