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European debt crisis update

Jan 16, 2012

It has been awhile since I commented on the economic situation in Europe. Greece, in particular.

Negotiations have broken down between the Greek government and its creditors.


The government wants the creditors to "take a haircut" and lose 50% on the bonds that they hold. In other words, make the creditors lose some money in a partial default in order to prevent a complete default. The creditors refused. So it looks like they are about to get a military-style haircut leaving nothing but tiny stubble. They are now warning that Greece could default in March.

Last August Greece had to pay about 40% on its bonds in order to sell them. Now, just a few months later, the interest rate is over 400%. Look at the chart:


The bailouts have kept them out of default for the past few months. The question is how much austerity the Greeks can take while to purchase these bailouts. The people want a Jubilee, which would force the financiers into austerity. The financial system wants the people to shoulder the austerity.

It appears that March and April are critical months in this regard. When we add to this the threat of war with Iran, projected by the Israelis for the same time period, there is no doubt that we are entering into a dangerous time.

It might be time to short the euro and stock up on potassium iodate.


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