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Wilcock report part 2, and the Kinship between two Celestial Kingdoms

Dec 23, 2011


Here is Part 2 of David Wilcock's disclosure in regard to the Trillion Dollar lawsuit filed on November 23, 2011.

The comments at the end are longer than the article itself, but of course you don't have to read through all of them. He begins with a discussion of child abuse before getting into the main part of the historical information.

Personal Comment:

Wilcock tells us that China was originally known as the Celestial Kingdom. Yes, of course. I had forgotten that detail. It is important to our own understanding, not so much because of the reason China got such a name, but because it appears to fit well with Bible prophecy.

I have written much about the Kings of the East and how King Cyrus of Persia was a "messiah" in Isaiah 45:1. Cyrus appeared to be an unlikely messiah, of course, but keep in mind that when he was born the astrologers advised the king to have him killed. The executioner took Cyrus into the woods but took pity on him and gave him to a shepherd family in which the wife had just given birth to a stillborn child. Cyrus' early beginning is similar to the circumstances surrounding Jesus' birth.

So if we understand that Cyrus was a messiah, and that "the stars" foretold that he would become king some day, it only makes sense that his kingdom (Persia) would be a type of the Kingdom of Heaven which overthrows the Babylonian Kingdom.

The Celestial Kingdom today is China, and someone in the royal "Dragon Family" must be the modern counterpart to King Cyrus today. In the overthrow of Mystery Babylon at the hands of China (and whatever other nation represents the Medes), it is the Kingdom of Heaven, the Stone Kingdom, that subsequently fills the whole earth.

The prophecy seems to indicate that China will play a leading role in establishing the Kingdom of Heaven in the earth, in the same manner that Cyrus, in his day, issued his Edict setting the Judahites free and to rebuild Jerusalem. Just as Cyrus did everything that God told him to do, whether conscious about it or not, so also will the modern Cyrus play the earthly role of messiah in setting the captives free from Babylon and funding the work of building the Kingdom of God.

I am not saying that the Dragon Family "messiah" is Jesus Christ. There is only one true Messiah. But history is full of "types of Christ," each of whom fulfilled their roles in a limited sense in their own contexts. Each type of Christ fulfilled his role under the authority of Christ, most of them unconsciously even if they were believers. Yet Isaiah 45 was written to prove that God could use ANYONE for this role, because he was sovereign enough to work through anyone.

Once we begin to comprehend the scope of the conflict as it has been developing at least since the 1600's, we can see how China has played a pivotal role in America's development even before its inception in 1776.

It is then no accident of history that "America" comes from the old European languages meaning:amer = heavenly (i.e., celestial) and ric = kingdom. It is the same as The Celestial Kingdom. Perhaps we are more akin to China than we have realized. Certainly, our connection to China seems to have been well hidden until recently. This lawsuit, along with the one filed a year ago (Sept. 2010), mentioned by Wilcock, are now bringing these things to the surface.

These events are providing us with very significant clues as to the fulfillment (and interpretation) of Bible prophecy. Much information has come to light since I started writing about this in December of 2009.

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