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The MF Global bankruptcy and the prayer campaign in 2001

Dec 13, 2011

Ten years ago we fought a prayer campaign called Entering the Millennium of Rest. It started when the Satanists violated the law on October 31, and we then took the case to the Divine Court the next day.

In this court case (called Ye Shall Surely Perish), we bound Satan himself in preparation for the Millennium to follow. Take note of Rev. 20:2, where Satan is bound prior to the thousand-year Age.

That prayer campaign was the culmination of a series of prayer battles throughout the year 2001. We did not know yet what this indicated, how it would be fulfilled, or when. But now, ten years later, we are seeing the Hezekiah Factor reveal at least a portion of its significance.

October 31, 2011 was the day that MF Global filed for bankruptcy. I took note of it at the time, but did not understand at first just how this would manifest the events from ten years ago. It is starting to clarify, now that we are seeing the aftermath of this bankruptcy.

In this bankruptcy case, the whole system of financial contracts began to break down, destroying the foundations of the entire system of futures contracts on the CME. No longer can anyone buy gold or silver with a futures contract knowing that it is fully insured and guaranteed to pay up when the contract is due.

Gerald Celente lost "six figures" in the MF Global bankruptcy, and he is very angry about it. He bought a large gold contract last April when the price of gold was about $1445 per ounce, expecting to receive that gold December 1st. When MF Global went bankrupt, he was told that he had no money in the company to pay for his gold, because it was gone, and the insurance company would not pay up, and the FDIC was also refusing to insure it.

He recorded an interview December 1st on the day he had been expecting to receive his gold. He is obviously very angry at the fact that the entire contract system has been compromised.


This is the first time this has happened in America, at least on this scale. Ten thousand customers lost their money; some say 150,000. From now on, as people's contracts expire, they will be far more cautious about buying another contract for future delivery. Already, the number of contracts is dropping dramatically, and this is being discussed in other circles.

In my view, we are seeing the results of the prayer campaign and court case from ten years ago, Ye Shall Surely Perish. If it were not for that event ten years ago, I would not comprehend the real seriousness of the present situation.

It is the beginning of the end of this entire satanic financial system.

Hence, I would not recommend buying silver or gold on the futures market from now on. I myself have never done so, of course, because I never had the money to consider such trades. But yet I have pondered a scenario where I might indeed have such assets (perhaps from the revaluation of the Iraqi dinar). I already concluded that it would be safer to pay a little more and just buy the real stuff at the shops where they sell it directly.

That strategy seems to be confirmed with the MF Global situation.

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