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Science discovers spirit

Dec 21, 2011

It is my current opinion that the soul's mind and memory is stored in the DNA of every cell in our body. I would not presume to insist that the soul is actually located in the DNA, but it is plain that its memory is stored there. I believe it is the memory of the soul's mind.

Yet there is a higher force/power operating in us that is distinct from the DNA itself. I learned this from reading David Wilcock's latest book, The Source Field Investigations, published last August. Experiments with sea urchins in 1891 by the German scientist, Hans Driesch, suggested this distinction. Sea urchins, like all of God's creatures in the animal world, have souls. In fact, the first mention of "souls" in Scripture is in Gen. 1:20,

(20) And God said, "Let the waters bring forth abundantly the moving creature that has a SOUL" [nephesh]. . .

This occurred on the fourth day of creation, prior to the creation of man. Hence, I include sea urchins in the list of creatures that have souls.

Driesch noted that sea urchins have both plant and animal cells. Early in life, they are little more than a hollow sphere with plant cells on its bottom half and animal cells on the top half. As they develop, the plant cells roll to the inside and form a digestive tract, while the animal cells remain on the outside.

Driesch separated the first two cells of a new sea urchin embryo, and watched as each of them formed a new embryo that was complete. He found that he could cut a tiny embryo into eight different pieces, and each would grow into a fully new embryo that was not deformed or incomplete in itself. Even if he isolated cells that were 100% plant cells, these would develop normally into a sea urchin possessing all of its animal cells necessary to be a sea urchin.

The question then arises as to how a plant cell could develop the DNA necessary to make an animal cell. What is the guiding force behind it, telling the cell whether it should become plant or animal?

Later, Dr. Peter Gariaev made discoveries suggesting that the complete codes in DNA are located somewhere other than in the DNA itself. He took DNA samples and put them in a small quartz container and shined a mild laser light on it. He observed it with very sophisticated equipment capable of detecting even single photons of light. He discovered that the DNA absorbed the photons like a sponge, rather than bouncing away or merely passing through it.

The light was stored, not within the DNA itself, but in a DNA-like spiral above it.

The shock, however, came when the experiment ended. Dr. Gariaev moved the quartz container out of the way, and to his amazement, the light-spiral remained in the same spot as if the DNA were still there! As Wilcock puts it,

"Whatever was holding that light in place, it did not need the DNA molecule at all. It was something else. Something invisible. Something powerful enough to store and control visible light within the shape of the DNA molecule itself. The only rational scientific explanation is that there has to be an energy field that is paired up with the DNA molecule--as if DNA has an energetic 'duplicate.' This duplicate has the same shape as the physical molecule. . . It doesn't need the DNA molecule to be there in order for it to keep on doing its job--storing visible light. Some force, perhaps akin to gravity, is holding the photons in place." [The Source Field Investigations, p. 161, 162]

Now, if nature teaches us the mind and ways of God, it seems to me that true science ought to teach us about spiritual things. It appears to me that Dr. Gariaev had stumbled upon the distinction between the two realms of soul and spirit. The difference is that Dr. Gariaev, as a scientist, probably did not view his discovery in this biblical manner. Though it was obvious that some Intelligent Design had to have created this, he may not have concluded that God was actively involved in the detailed but natural process of storing photons.

It seems to me that at the very least, this discovery shows that there is a distinction between soul and spirit--seen in the distinction between the DNA and its "energetic duplicate." As David Wilcock pursued this discovery further, building upon it with later scientific discoveries, he showed that the vortex and helix shape of the DNA and its duplicate is the point where the two realms of matter/soul and spirit actually connect. It is the "Zero Point," where one overcomes gravity, time, and space.

Wilcock then says,

"The implications of this are mind-boggling. . . . So, just by a simple extension of Gariaev's experiment, it is very likely that our entire body must have an energetic duplicate. . . we find out that perhaps the most important thing the DNA molecule does is store light--both in our physical body and in our energetic duplicate body as well. Obviously, conventional science is significantly in need of an overhaul." [p. 162]

"And that's not all. When Gariaev blasted this Phantom with liquid nitrogen, which creates a sudden burst of great cold, the light spiral would disappear--but then it mysteriously returned after five to eight minutes. . . Even if you destroy the coherence in the area where the DNA Phantom had been, in this case by the sudden blast of cold, it will repair and restore that coherence once more." [p. 162, 163]

This Phantom effect lasted up to 30 days, Dr. Gariaev found. What exactly is this energetic duplicate? In my view, this is just a scientific way of talking about our spirit and the realm of spirit. Wilcock called it "The Source Field."

Wilcock then wrote about the brain itself. Most modern science assumes that we cannot function without a brain. However, Roger Lewin published an article in the Science journal in 1980, "Is Your Brain Really Necessary?" In it, he discussed the work of Dr. John Lorber, the world's top expert on hydrocephalus. This is a condition where cerebro-spinal fluid backs up into the brain with no way to drain. Extreme cases are when so much fluid builds up in the cranium that there is hardly any room for the brain to develop.

"Lorber studied a total of 253 hydrocephalus sufferers at the University of Sheffield in London. Of this group, nine of them had only 5 percent of their regular brain tissue left--which would appear to be an utter and complete tragedy. Nonetheless, four of these nine people had IQs that were greater than 100--and an additional two had IQs greater than 126. Six out of nine were fine--other than the fact that they were almost completely missing a brain as we now think of it." [p. 165, 166]

Lorber did further tests on the boy with the IQ of 126 and found that "fully 44 percent of his entire brain volume had been lost--and the rest of his brain tissue was compressed down to a super-thin layer lining the inside of the skull." Wilcock comments:

"It is fascinating to explore the connection between Gariaev's DNA Phantom and the idea of a holographic brain that actually is doing some of the thinking for us. [p. 167]

We understand from 1 Cor. 2:11,

"For who among men know the thoughts of a man except the spirit of the man, which is in him? Even so the thoughts of God no one knows except the Spirit of God."

God's Spirit communicates to our spirit in the spiritual realm.

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