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More light on health and resurrection

Dec 23, 2011

The coherent light of a laser is much more efficient in transmitting information than electromagnetic waves. Perhaps the biblical principle that "God is light" was meant to give us understanding of the manner in which God commands and communicates with us and all of nature.

Gariaev was able to bring seeds back to life that had died from radiation poisoning near Chernobyl simply by using laser light that had first absorbed something from live seeds. He then transmitted that information to the dead seeds and brought them back from the dead.

Gariaev got so excited that he decided to try this on lab rats. He gave one a toxin known as alloxan, which destroys the pancreas. Rats given alloxan normally die within a week from Type 1 diabetes. He then removed a healthy pancreas and spleen from another rat, shined a laser beam through it, and then somehow redirected that light into the poisoned rat. Wilcock says,

"Amazingly, even though this experiment was repeated many times, involving three different research groups in 2000, 2001, and 2005, nearly 90 percent of the rats who received this treatment experienced a full recovery. Their pancreas regrew, their blood sugar normalized, and within only twelve days, they were good as new.

"What's even more fantastic is that Gariaev was able to send the light from the healthy pancreas across a distance of twenty kilometers, using non-locality (no cables or wires required) and the healing effect still worked just as well... I contacted Dr. Gariaev to get more information... Most of the details are still in Russian, but can be found at Gariaev's official Web site, wavegenetic.ru." [The Source Field Investigations, p. 177]

Gariaev was treating a woman who had only one front tooth. After two weeks, she began to experience pain and swelling in her jaw. She was "teething," and soon she had three new wisdom teeth. Her dentist had to redo her dentures. Wilcock says that Gariaev sent him an X-ray diagram, but unfortunately did not have a "before" photo.

"Sadly, before Gariaev could repeat the experiment with others, Bauman's State University in Moscow declared it 'pseudoscience,' terminated the experiment and fired him... Many, if not most of the scientists who make discoveries like this end up being scorned, ridiculed, feared and attacked. So many different scientists have independently discovered the same things that it is very unlikely we are dealing with hoaxes or pseudoscience at all. Indeed, the evidence is clear that this is a medical revolution waiting to happen."

Official "science" has a lengthy history of denying God and all spiritual things, so as Christians we too understand Dr. Gariaev's position. We believe that true science proves the existence of God, and that pseudoscience works overtime to cover up His existence. Any experiment that might disprove evolution faces a tough road toward being accepted by mainstream scientists.

We see this in the case of another Russian scientist, Dr. A. B. Burlakov, who had noticed that a mother fish was careful not to lay her eggs next to other fish eggs.

"Burlakov put growing fish eggs next to each other, so light could pass between them--even though they were hermetically sealed. Here's the amazing part: if he put older, more mature eggs in front of the younger eggs that were just getting started, the older eggs apparently sucked the life force out of the younger eggs. The older eggs grew stronger and faster, and the younger eggs withered, experienced deformities, and had significantly higher death rates. . . On the other hand, if Burlakov put a slightly younger egg next to a slightly older egg, the younger egg would absorb life-giving energy from the older egg. Its growth and development would actually speed up until it was at the same level as the others." [p. 178, 179]

We all understand how certain people drain energy from us, while we draw energy and strength from others. Perhaps we thought it was all psychological, but it is more than that. I believe it is primarily a spiritual event, because ultimately, we draw our life and energy from God, who is Light, who conveys His strength to our spirit, which then conveys it to the soul and on to the body. There are some, however, whose connection has been short-circuited for some reason, and these must draw or drain energy from those who have it.

Finding the causes of such short-circuits and blockages form a large part of spiritual counseling. Sometimes the causes are in the body, more often in the soul, and often in the connection between soul and spirit. The latter can be caused by "curses" passed down for many generations, or new causes in each person.

Burlakov's scientific experiments show that there is an exchange of energy that can occur, apparently by means of light passing through one subject to another.

"Burlakov also found that by using different wavelengths of light and polarizing lenses, he could create freak abnormalities--such as multiple heads and multiple hearts. If he then reintroduced the normal wavelengths, these abnormalities disappeared--and the fish larvae would revert back to their usual pattern, showing no signs of ever having been mutants. This creates significant trouble for the Darwinian model of evolution, which is all based on mutation..." [p. 180]

Other scientists learned that organisms often recovered health when they were in the company of healthy organisms of the same kind.

"Parsons and Heal poisoned bacteria with antibiotics in 2002, and found that they recovered if they were near other bacteria that were healthy. Agadjanian got the same results in 2003 with insects. It certainly pays to have healthy friends." [p. 180 181]

This may also assist in explaining the development of "super-bacteria" who are resistant to all antibiotics. How do some survive the onslaught of antibiotics? How do they evolve so quickly?

The key seems to be in asking the question: Which came first, the Phantom or the DNA? Recall that laser light shined into some DNA first absorbed it and then stored it in a Phantom above it, which was shaped like the "Jacob's ladder" of DNA. But did this "energetic duplicate" exist prior to the physical DNA? Did one bring the other into existence? If so, which was the cause, and which was the effect?

In my view, spirit is the cause of matter. Matter does not create spirit. It is the other way around. God's Spirit is the ultimate cause and the First Creative Force, but His Spirit also works through our own spirit, communicating His Word through love-light (light made coherent and purposeful by love).

I also believe that God is constantly bringing forth life and can easily renew life that is now extinct. It has been found that under certain conditions created by scientists, genetically modified creatures can reboot their DNA back to their original forms when they were created. Perhaps if more scientists could overcome their fear of inadvertently proving the existence of God, they would be able to restore entire species that have become extinct. Perhaps if we could locate the Phantom DNA of those extinct creatures, we might be able to encourage them to recreate their lost physical duplicates.

How's that for a new Environmental Program?

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