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Iraqi War officially ends December 15

Dec 17, 2011

The war is officially over, and on December 15 US Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta attended the flag-lowering ceremony in Bagdhad.


This is probably the most significant sign that Iraq will soon be restored to full economic sovereignty. They have already been talking about Iraq's sovereignty as if it were a done deal during PM Maliki's visit with President Obama. However, these are just words, not official statements that are signed and sealed legally. Even so, it cannot be too far off now.

Their full economic sovereignty will be seen when they revalue their dinar. It is looking more and more like this will happen at the end of December or the first few days of January. That would be nice.

We finally arrived home this evening from our Texas trip. The grandson is doing great. We observed him for a whole week and find no fault in him.

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