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Iraqi PM Maliki busy accruing power before his downfall

Dec 27, 2011


"He has been accruing power since rising to his post in 2006 in a process that has accelerated since the new government was formed a year ago. He effectively runs the Defense and Interior Ministries and has created a separate security force that answers to him alone. He has bypassed parliament to install Shiite allies in key positions, and he has used his control over state funds and resources to gain leverage with the judiciary and oversight agencies like the anti-graft Integrity Commission."

A year ago when the coalition government was establishing with most of the ministry positions filled, Maliki made sure that the power of the military and police remained under him. He refused all the candidates for those positions in order to build those departments in his own image.

It is quite obvious that he hopes to become another perpetual dictator in the tradition of Saddam Hussein.

Perhaps soon he will hold a party like Belshazzar did in Daniel 5. If so, we will then see the handwriting on the wall.

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Dr. Stephen Jones

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