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Effects of Prayer are Measurable

Dec 18, 2011

There is an aspect of Universal Reconciliation that is not normally discussed. It is the scientific research about a "collective consciousness" where each of us, as individuals, participate without realizing it.

This phenomenon shows an interaction between our world and the spirit world--the parallel reality where most, if not all, spiritual warfare occurs. For example, men have discovered that if they can use terrorism to create a climate of fear, they can gain control over the collective consciousness of a great number of people.

I have found a similar problem in churches and patriot groups who teach or promote fear rather than faith. This can be done by threatening people with a burning hell if they do not convert to "our" religion, as well as by patriot groups who focus on all the evil and power of the hidden masters of the planet, presenting a rather hopeless situation ending only in Armageddon and the ultimate destruction of the earth.

A "Global Consciousness Project" was begun in 1979 at Princeton University, and Dr. Roger Nelson joined the team in 1980 to see if they could measure this effect. They developed three different kinds of random-number generators measuring "thermal noise" and "electron tunneling," the flow the electrons through little pathways such as computer chips. They found that certain number patterns appeared in the normal "chaos" or "white noise" under certain conditions. The most noticeable effects occurred near those who were engaging in rituals, designed to bring people to focus upon one thought or concept.

They also saw this on a larger scale, such as during the O. J. Simpson trial in 1997, or Princess Diana's funeral in 1998, and again on Sept. 11, 2001 when the World Trade Center towers were demolished. In each of these instances, the numbers generated supposedly in a random way began to show patterns that were statistically significant. From there, they were able to predict patterns ahead of time for scheduled events such as the Academy Awards.

Geologist Gregg Braden wrote in his book, Fractal Time, that two satellites, GOES and GOES 8, each measured powerful spikes in the earth's magnetic field on Sept. 11, 2001 at 9:00 a.m. Eastern standard time. This occurred just 15 minutes after the first plane hit the World Trade Center, as enough people began to see it on television.

This upward spike then decreased on Sept. 14 when there was a worldwide prayer for peace advocated by many leaders around the world. In other words, prayer does change things, especially when it is done by large numbers of people. In my view, it has more to do with the total "value" of faith, rather than by sheer numbers. It may be nearly impossible to measure faith either individually or collectively, but we can certainly measure results.

I recall back in 1985 that we held a prayer meeting involving about 30-35 people in a small church in Arkansas to prevent something from entering Washington D.C. I had seen this in a vision on July 26, 1985. It was something round that formed off the coast of Africa and moved across the Atlantic. It then turned north and hit D.C. In those days I was unfamiliar with the way hurricanes formed and moved, but I did know that "July is like September." Hence, I knew that we would see this occur on Sept. 26, 1985.

The only difference is that our small church was led to "put a prayer block in front of Washington D.C." to prevent this thing from hitting that city. The result was that in mid-September a tropical depression formed off the coast of Africa and began moving across the Atlantic. It soon became a hurricane and later moved north and threatened Washington D.C. When the threat was seen, Christians were called to pray, and the hurricane suddenly "bounced" off our "prayer block" as it attempted to hit D.C. It tracked in a semicircle and hit New York instead.

We learned from this that if Christians pray by faith, apart from "sight," the value of their faith is significantly higher than praying by fear after the threat has already become visible. Everyone's prayers, both in July and then in September, were answered. But I believe that the faith of the 30-35 believers who prayed in July carried more "value." They were truly praying by faith, seeing a danger long before it was visible. Praying in September was good, but there is little doubt that much of their collective faith was mixed with fear.

The value of raw faith is exponentially higher than when one "walks by sight." Furthermore, the measure of fear is a negative that reduces the value of faith. In our case, our prayer was done without seeing any immediate danger, so we were not distracted by the threat itself. We prayed from a position of security. I recall that we all were rejoicing. There was no reason to fear.

The bottom line is that the "collective consciousness" (as secularists would call it) of just 30-35 people in a small church was sufficient, not because of the quantity of people, but because of thequality of their faith. (Another quality enhancer is fasting.)

Scientists can measure the effects of prayer by their own instruments. They have measured brain waves during prayer. They have measured how water and physical objects store certain frequencies by prayer and even by ordinary words that are spoken. Water molecules become "structured" according to its environmental influences, including prayer (which shapes water molecules to look like snow flakes) or hard rock music, curses, and other negative things (which misshapes the water molecules into ugly patterns).

Dr. Emoto flash-froze water molecules and photographed them after exposing them to various words or music. Here is a 3-minute video sample:


What does this tell us? We learn from this that our words and prayers have a direct effect upon nature and physical objects. When God gave man dominion over the earth in Gen. 1:26-28, that authority was real, and some of it is measurable scientifically.

Dr. Claude Swanson's 2003 book, The Synchronized Universe, says,

"... Conflict in the world is the result of conflict within us. We project that feeling into the world because we are not ready to accept that we are the cause, and therefore the solution, to that conflict. Thus wars have raged in the world since the beginning of time, because we are not ready to deal with the conflict where it really is--within us."

In other words, the collective condition of mankind, their state of mind and spirit, is reflected in nature itself. To put it more simply, man's sin causes all of nature to groan in travail. This is reflected in "natural" disasters, which can also be alleviated through prayer and reduced simply through an increased level of Love in the world.

We all have a spiritual connection. Though we are individuals, we cannot escape being part of the body experience, where we affect others and others affect us. The body effect is multi-layered as well. Our immediate family is a body. So is our community, town, state, nation, race, club, church, denomination, religion. Likewise, God relates to us individually as well as collectively.

All things come "out of" God (Rom. 11:36), because He created all things out of Himself (the elusive "God Particle"). All goes "through Him," and this is known as History. All goes back "to Him" in the end. If anything would be lost, then God would remain forever incomplete. We really are all in this together.

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