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Whatever happened to Comet Elenin?

Nov 17, 2011

In spite of numerous rumors that Comet Elenin was actually a dark star that threatened doomsday for earthlings, I wrote about it only once. That was on Sept. 7, 2011, when I reported that the comet appeared to be breaking apart.


Well, we are now well past any threat that might have been posed by the comet passing near the earth (Oct. 16). The earth has also now passed safely through the path that Elenin took in its fly-by. I thought we might at least see some "falling stars" as we passed through its path November 9, but I saw no news on it, and I forgot to look.

So I wondered if there was anything newsworthy to report on it. I found that the comet did indeed break apart, not only into two pieces, but pretty much disintegrated as it passed the sun.


Now perhaps we can all go back to sleep.

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Dr. Stephen Jones

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